The Idea
You might think of trips through the drive-thru as solitary experiences, but the truth is that drivers are often accompanied by their four-legged best friend (or two, or three). Recognizing furry companions riding shotgun has garnered internet clout for many brands — the “puppachino” is a TikTok staple. Arby’s understands that more than their customers love their food, they adore their pets. As a family-friendly brand, entering the pet market allows them to embrace all members and build brand loyalty. While pet parents might not want to feed Fido a Big Beef n’ Cheddar, a plushie is right up their alley.
The Procss
Our Arby’s partnership started with two simple questions: what defines Arby’s, and how can we translate that into something pet-friendly? We distilled this down to the items that are signature Arby’s — the roast beef sandwich and the classic Arby’s drink cup. Then, we translated this into plushies and festive pet PJs that are perfect for holiday family photos.
The Result