Temporary Dog Adoption Program Launched in Washington, DC

Temporary Dog Adoption Program Launched in Washington, DC

The Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA), a storied animal welfare organization based in the District of Columbia, recently launched its Test Drive program that allows prospective adopters to care for a dog for seven days.


According to WUSA9, the trial program’s goal is to help people who are on the fence about adopting a dog determine whether or not a companion animal is a good fit for their households. In addition, sending dogs on trial runs with families eases the strain on HRA when it comes to running its adoption centers. The facilities are currently experiencing slow adoptions while taking in a high number of animals.


The Test Drive program will hopefully reduce the strain on the shelter and help families make informed decisions on whether to adopt a dog. Families can get in touch with the HRA to foster a dog from its shelter for a week. At the end of the trial period, HRA will get in touch with the foster family to check if they want to adopt the dog permanently, foster it until it can get adopted, or return the dog to the shelter.


To temporarily adopt a dog, prospective pet parents can visit any of HRA’s two locations. Across both adoption centers, there are over 120 dogs that are available to be adopted into their fur-ever homes.


Fostering a Dog: Making Sure You’re Ready


Fostering, which is the act of temporarily caring for a rescued animal, helps free up resources and space in shelters. Some animals are entered into foster care so that they can receive personalized care in a home environment until they’re ready for adoption. There are also programs like HRA’s that help match families and rescued animals.


Just like adopting a pet, choosing to foster is a big responsibility. You have to make sure you’re ready to provide the animal the care that it requires. It’s also a must to stock up on the tools and supplies that your foster animal might need, such as dog beds, wholesale dog toys, food and treats, grooming products, and other pet merchandise. No matter how long a dog will stay with you, treat it with the love and care that it deserves.


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