Pet Owners Encouraged to Monitor Pets for Signs of Overheating as Temperatures Climb This Summer

Pet Owners Encouraged to Monitor Pets for Signs of Overheating as Temperatures Climb This Summer

While pet owners and pets nationwide are doubtless excited to have some fun in the sun this summer, experts warn that heat stroke is just as much of a risk for animals as it is for humans. Dogs and cats enjoying outdoor play and exercise may not always register right away that they’re dehydrated or suffering from heat exhaustion. Thus, it’s up to their humans to stay vigilant and immediately address any warning signs they observe.

Dogs and cats don’t sweat like people do, Country Club Veterinary Clinic vet Dr. Martha Briley shares with KPLC News. While they may sweat minimally through their paw pads, this is not enough to cool their whole body down, particularly on days that they spend a lot of time in the heat. Thus, Briley recommends that pet owners take preemptive measures to cool down their pets before they start showing symptoms of more severe overheating.

During walks or outdoor play, taking frequent breaks in shaded areas is recommended. Briley also urges pet owners to walk dogs on grass rather than pavement during the summer, as hot sidewalks can burn their paws.

Keeping Your Dog Well-Hydrated On the Go

Good hydration is critical for dogs all year long, but it becomes especially important during the summer, when they need more water to cool down.

Make sure your pets have access to water at all times when you’re at home, whether you leave out water bowls or set up a drinking fountain. When you’re out and about, investing in portable bowls or cups for your pooch is a great option. Brands that produce personalized pet products such as custom dog bandanas, collars, and leashes may also come out with custom collapsible travel cups or drinking bowls that you can use on the go.

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