SPCA Serving Erie County Launches Two New Programs to Help Adoptable Animals Find Permanent Homes

SPCA Serving Erie County Launches Two New Programs to Help Adoptable Animals Find Permanent Homes

The SPCA Serving Erie County has recently launched a trial adoption program and a dog day out program in the interest of connecting community members with adoptable shelter animals.

The first program, called If the Fur Fits, allows potential adopters to take home pets they’re interested in for an obligation-free, predetermined trial period. All adoptable animals can participate in this program, including dogs and cats.

Chief Communications Officer Gina Lattuca tells WKBW that programs like If the Fur Fits aim to alleviate people’s fears about an unsuccessful pet adoption. Certain challenges related to adopting a new pet can take time to identify. For instance, the potential adopter might suddenly develop allergies, or the new animal may not get along well with their current pet. In such cases, it’s completely acceptable to bring the animal back so that it can find a home that’s a better fit for it.

The second program, known as Doggy Entourage, allows both non-adopters and prospective adopters to take an SPCA dog out for a day, or even just a few hours. This program gives even people who can’t adopt dogs of their own the chance to enjoy some puppy love, and it also affords adoptable animals a chance to meet new people and take a much-needed break from the shelter environment. Many dogs are eventually adopted as a result of the Entourage program, even if it’s not necessarily by the person who originally took them out.

Preparing Your Home to Take in a Shelter Dog

While bringing a new pet home is always a memorable experience, there’s something undeniably special about adopting a rescue pet or shelter dog. Not only are you giving a deserving animal a second chance at a good life, but you’re also freeing up space in a shelter for more pets in need.

It may take time for your new fur baby to integrate comfortably into their new home, but you can help the process along by creating a comfy space that’s just for them. Block off a quiet corner of your home where other people and animals are unlikely to disturb your new dog, and fill it with wholesale dog toys, pet blankets, and other pet merchandise to welcome them. Letting them have this space to themselves is one surefire way to help your dog acclimatize to their surroundings.

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