FDA Has Updated Its Guidelines on Outdoor Dining with Dogs

FDA Has Updated Its Guidelines on Outdoor Dining with Dogs

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given the thumbs up for allowing dogs in outdoor dining spaces. In a recent update to the 2022 FDA food code, the agency indicated that it’s safe to bring dogs to restaurants with outdoor seating options. Its health rules now “allow for pet dogs in dining areas, where approved.”


This is a welcome change for people who like bringing their canine companions with them when eating out. However, it’s important for pet owners to keep the limitations of this guideline in mind. According to CBS Miami, this rule only applies to dogs. Bringing other pets to outdoor dining areas is still prohibited.


At the same time, canine companions can only stay in places that offer outdoor seating. With the exception of service dogs, canine companions must not be allowed in indoor dining spaces or in areas where food preparation takes place.


In addition, dining spaces that welcome dogs must be ready to accommodate all breeds. Allowing dogs into an outdoor dining area, however, ultimately remains the prerogative of the locality and the establishment itself. For instance, a state or city can ban the presence of canine companions in food and beverage outlets.


Welcoming Pet Parents into Your Dining Facility


Becoming a pet-friendly establishment takes more than just opening your doors to canine companions. You can endear more pet parents to your brand by offering quality products and services that pets and their owners will love.


Why not offer custom dog toys, custom dog stainless steel bowls, and branded leashes to pet parents who are willing to sign up for your loyalty program? This will help set your restaurant apart from other canine-friendly establishments in the neighborhood and attract more customers to your restaurant’s door.


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