Realtors Say People Buy Homes Based On Pets’ Needs

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Realtors Say People Buy Homes Based On Pets’ Needs

Realtors are noticing a trend in what potential homeowners are adding to their must-have lists: designated areas for their pets.

Oklahoma City-based news agency FOX 25 talked to Lydia Hedrick from Kevo Properties about the vital role pets play in the home-buying process. According to Hedrick, more property buyers are considering the needs of their entire family, including fur babies. This means larger laundry rooms, wood floorings and spacious backyards are major features buyers consider to keep their pets happy and comfortable.

When choosing a home from available options, pet owners will most likely select the one that will also help them provide a better life for their dogs. But it’s not only canine pals that affect home buying decisions; cat parents also prefer houses that have a sunroom or a mudroom where their favorite felines can play and stay.

People Buy Homes Based On The Needs Of Their Pets

Community developers recognize the growing demand for creating neighborhoods that both owners and their pets can enjoy. As a result, many communities are putting up outdoor amenities and spaces specially-designed to accommodate pets and their fur babies. Hedrick also mentioned outdoor dog parks will become more valuable and popular among pet owners looking for homes.

Additionally, realtors like Hedrick are used to receiving requests and inquiries about pet-friendly homes from homebuyers. For example, a large and fenced yard is a common concern among dog owners. If this is something requested by the homeowner, she makes sure to include the building of such a structure into the contract. This ensures features can be completed before the family moves into their new property.

If you’re a pet parent searching for a new place to call home, don’t be afraid to ask your realtor about features relevant to your pet’s needs. Contrary to what you may think, it’s not at all unusual to make your pet’s safety and comfort a priority when choosing a property to buy.

Are you a property developer, realtor, or homeowner looking to sell your property? Given how pets now impact many pet-owning homebuyers’ decisions, it’s a good idea to think about how you can cater to this particular audience.

One such way is to collaborate with pet-related businesses to come up with pet merchandise that you can give to your clients as freebies, such as custom martingale collars featuring your brand’s logo, slogan, and colors.

You can even decorate the property for sale using pet products that can be used at home, such as custom dog beds and blankets, personalized pet toy baskets, as well as custom dog stainless steel bowls and placemats, among others.

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