Pet Ownership Rates Continue To Rise

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Pet Ownership Rates Continue To Rise

In 2020, citizens all over the country sheltered at home for months due to the enforcement of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. The feelings of isolation caused by this necessary quarantine period led to a huge spike in pet adoptions across the United States. Many Americans sought companionship from the newest furry additions to their households. In fact, the total number of dogs and cats who found new homes increased by approximately 6 to 7 percent last year.

L.E.K. Consulting’s Lauren DeVestern believes this significant growth in pet ownership may be a result of pulled-forward demand. Essentially, people who were already entertaining the idea of adopting a companion animal decided to push through with their plans earlier than initially projected.

Interestingly, there are people who welcomed a furry friend to their home last year, even though they had no plans to do so before the pandemic.

Post-Pandemic Puppy Boom Rates Continue

According to a study cited by Pet Business Magazine, the number of pet parents in the U.S. was already steadily rising even before the pandemic began. Additionally, up to 13 percent of the pet parents who were surveyed expressed interest in adopting more fur babies between 2021 and 2023. Meanwhile, between 3 to 10 percent of non-owners stated they had plans of adopting their own pets within the same period.

The good news for pet-related businesses is that this growth in pet ownership isn’t necessarily a one-time event. Experts expect the pet ownership growth rate to slow down in the coming years, they believe that it will continue to rise leading up to 2025.

All of these are promising statistics for businesses operating in the pet industry, especially those who sell pet products, as there will be continuing demand for these items for years to come. Brands and businesses should invest in personalized dog products that pet parents will find useful. These include branded wholesale dog toys, dog collars, and custom dog blankets, to name a few.

For businesses that don’t necessarily operate in the pet industry, they can still cater to the pet parents in their audience by collaborating with a trusted wholesale provider of custom dog items like PrideBites.

Your business could sell or give away custom branded bandanas, bowties, harnesses and other items that prominently feature your business name, logo and colors. Given the steady growth of the pet owner market, there will always be pet parents to market to and convert into loyal fans and paying customers of your brand.

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