Pet TravelPass Simplifies International Travel For Pets

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Pet TravelPass Simplifies International Travel For Pets

GlobalVetLink, a provider of animal health software solutions, launched an innovative digital product called the Pet TravelPass.

The Pet TravelPass is an extension of GlobalVetLink’s existing Compliance Assistant platform, which allows more than 10,000 veterinary practitioners to create, update and share veterinary records.

As reported by dvm360, the Pet TravelPass will consolidate available pet health information through this online portal. This will make it easier for veterinarians to issue quick, accurate and up-to-date International Health Certificates for pets traveling by air with their owners.

The introduction of the Pet TravelPass is welcome news for pet parents, as preparing to travel with their furry companions is never an easy task. One thing that makes pet travel so difficult is the compilation of up-to-date pet health records. Owners cannot complete their travel plans with their pets unless they have all the health documents required by their destination.

Issuing International Health Certificates is also a common pain point for vets. It typically takes hours of research to contact other veterinary practitioners and to fact-check information like the pet’s rabies vaccination status. If the process is done manually, there is still a risk for errors to be made in the travel documentation process, which can cause fresh headaches for pet owners.

The Pet TravelPass can save vets hours of precious time with its expansive electronic record keeping, automated regulatory research, and rules-based fact-checking capabilities. Since it will speed up the issuance of International Health Certificates, it will provide pet owners with some much-needed peace of mind before they go on domestic or international travel with their pets.

Travel Essentials: A Guide for Pet Parents

Up-to-date pet health records are just one thing that pet owners need to prepare before they leave home with their pets. Dog owners should also include proper identification tags with the owner’s contact info, customizable dog collars, sturdy leashes, a travel carrier, and all the dog’s required medicines or health supplements. The earlier ahead a pet owner can prepare all the necessary paperwork and custom dog items for their pup, the smoother their travel experiences will be.

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