Dog Chases Lose Ball During A Cricket Game

Dog Chases Lose Ball During A Cricket Game

A Cocker Spaniel puppy named Dazzle became the center of attention after stealing the ball in the middle of a cricket match in Ireland.

The video of the pooch running into the field has been viewed more than 4 million times since it was first published on the Ireland Women’s Cricket Twitter page.

Dazzle ran onto the field as her owner, 16-year-old Aoife Fisher, was batting. Fisher plays for the Civil Service North of Ireland Cricket Club (CSNI).

In the video, one of the players throws the ball to her teammate. Dazzle then dashes into the scene. After the ball is thrown for the second time, the furry pitch invader catches the ball and runs away with it. A few seconds later, the dog reaches the infield, and the players retrieve the ball from the pup.

The incident got a few hearty laughs from the newscasters. “The ball may need a clean,” one of them joked.

According to Newsweek, Aoife’s father, Jonathon Fisher, said that Dazzle usually joins in when the family plays cricket at home. Seeing Aoife on the field must have given the dog the idea that they can play like they usually do.

Initially, the family was concerned that Dazzle was interfering with the game and that the game officials would be upset. Later on, however, the family appreciated how Dazzle’s antics lightened their mood as well as that of the viewers of the viral video.

Bringing Pets to Games and Sporting Events

Through the years, there have been many viral videos of animals and insects running loose in the middle of big matches and sporting events. While these incidents might inspire laughter and relieve the tension in high-pressure situations, animal interference during a game can put the well-being of the animals and the athletes at risk.

When attending a sporting event with a pet, pet owners need to make sure that they can keep their dogs under control. This can be done by using custom dog collars and harnesses. It’s also a must to keep a tight grip on the dog’s leash to make sure that they can’t get into situations that can be dangerous for them. Bringing essential supplies such as pet poop bags and custom collapsible travel cups to these events will also help pet owners ensure their fur babies’ comfort.

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