How To Road-Trip Safely With Your Dog

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How To Road-Trip Safely With Your Dog

If you’re like many of the members of the PrideBites team, you are getting tired of staring at the walls of your home. On our daily Coffee Talk Zoom call, one of our team announced he and his daughter had recently just gotten into the truck and took a drive. They just needed to get out. They also took their dog with them! 

How many walks can you and your pup continue to take around your neighborhood?

Even if you have to remain socially-distant that doesn’t mean you can’t have an adventure, right? We agree! 

We love road tripping with our dogs even if it’s just a trip around the block to see something other than our own backyard! 

How To Road-Trip Safely With Your Dog

If you’re like most pet parents, you also understand the importance of traveling safely with your dog. We never take a road trip with our pups unless they are either safely restrained in their carriers or crates. Other members of our PrideBites team strap their dogs safely into a seat with a harness and with one of our car seat belts. These seat belts attach to any car seatbelt receptacle and easily and safety secure your pup. Dogs should be secured in the back seat as that is a safer place for them. (We have not safety-tested our dog leashes and recommend using them in conjunction with other in-car safety measures)

If you’re a pet retail store, brewery, clothing manufacturer, car dealership or outdoor goods store, you should consider adding these uniquely branded car seatbelts to your inventory. A car seatbelt for dogs can be sold at the register as an impulse purchase or as a giveaway during an event. Imagine offering a branded car seatbelt to a potential car buyer when they come in for a test drive? Your dealership will stay in front of the mind each time the potential car buyer takes a ride with his or her dog. 

Car seatbelts are ideal for the summer days ahead and for those pet parents who travel with their dogs -- and many of them do! With campgrounds and many hotels and bed and breakfasts being pet-welcoming and a branded car seatbelt is an ideal and timely product for the pet parent on the go. 

Contact one of our design consultants who can work closely with you to create an amazing car seatbelt (or other dog product) that is consistent with all your brand standards and guidelines. 

There is no better time than now to reach out and begin the design process and request your free product mock-up.

If you’re not sure whether your business is a good fit for a branded pet product or you don’t know how to work a pet product into your marketing strategy, our design consultants are happy to help!