How To Enjoy Socially-Distant Pet Celebrations

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How To Enjoy Socially-Distant Pet Celebrations

Has your brick-and-mortar pet store re-opened? Are you a brewery or restaurant owner who is allowed to open at a limited capacity or have you been operating as a take-out only location? Regardless of the way in which your business has been managing during these trying COVID-19 times and the quarantine and social-distancing regulations, May is National Pet Month. 

What can you do to help your dog-loving customers think of you when they think of pets, celebrations and something other than the coronavirus? We have put together some opportunities you can make use of and connect with new and to reconnect with current customers -- even if it’s behind a face mask and from six-feet apart. 

How To Enjoy Socially-Distant Pet Celebrations

A drive-by

Many small business owners are organizing “drive-bys” in their downtown areas and in the streets surrounding their businesses. They are promoting these events on Facebook and other social media outlets. The business owners are decorating their vehicles and are making a long, slow circuit around the neighborhood. Many of these business owners are also distributing samples, coupons and other branded items to those who stop what they are doing to give them a wave as they drive past. If you have dog toys branded with your logo use that as your giveaway during the drive-by. This is especially beneficial if you see someone outside with his or her dog. The person who received your branded dog toy will remember your business once you reopen. 

What do you think will be more front-of-mind? A pen or coupon or a toy the dog will be playing with daily? We think you know the answer! 

Pet-friendly event

If you’re opening your doors to limited-capacity seating or if you’re still take-out only urge customers to stop by and bring their dogs with them. Remind them of the six-foot social-distancing requirements. A great way to help “reinforce” the six-foot distance? Contact one of our design consultants and talk with him or her about getting leashes (and even collars!) branded with your logo. Give the leashes away. Run a contest: We’re giving free six-foot long leashes to the first twenty customers today! Or “Buy a specific amount of food/custom brews and receive a leash.” This is another great way to keep your business front-of-mind with customers AND the dog will be a walking billboard for your business

Curbside delivery

We know that in many communities the rules have been relaxed on being able to purchase alcoholic beverages for off-site consumption. When you’re offering your customers curb-side delivery ask whether they’re interested in one of the dog toys you have for sale (you know like fast food places ask, “do you want fries with that?”) or surprise and delight your customers when they pick up their curbside order by just giving them a plush dog toy and let them know you have others for sale if they’re interested. Selling or giving away a plush dog toy with a purchase or as a stand-alone purchase is a great way to connect with your pet-loving customer. 

What have you been doing to stay connected with your customers? What are your plans for reopening once the restrictions have been relaxed?

Why not call one of our design consultants and work with them on a “grand re-opening” branded dog toy or other dog or cat-related product?

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