How to Keep Your Dogs Safe And Healthy On Thanksgiving

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How to Keep Your Dogs Safe And Healthy On Thanksgiving

‘tis the season to feast with family and friends! Thanksgiving gives us all a chance to catch up with our loved ones and share a veritable feast of goodies (but be safe this year in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic). That being said, the holiday can be stressful for your pets, and some of the food or decorations might pose certain dangers.

Read on to learn how to ensure your fur babies’ health and safety so they can enjoy a happy Thanksgiving with you and your loved ones.

Keep The Food On The Table

A lot of the elements that make up a Thanksgiving spread can send your fur babies to the vet. If you or your guests find it too hard to refuse Fido’s puppy-dog eyes, we recommend giving them doggie treats made just for them.

PrideBites’ drool-worthy treats are made with the finest all-natural ingredients and are available in ten chef-created flavors. Just to be safe, though, read on for some of the most common kinds of food that should be kept out of your pups’ reach:

Turkey, Turkey Skin And Turkey Bones

While turkey meat is technically safe for dogs to eat in moderation, the fat content of the skin can cause your pets to develop pancreatitis. To make matters worse, any seasonings rubbed into turkey skin or meat can irritate your furry friends’ stomachs. And because turkey bones are incredibly brittle and break into tiny pieces when chewed on, they can cause your pups to choke or suffer from other digestive tract problems.

Chocolate And Other Sweets

This sweet treat is toxic to dogs because it contains chemical stimulants known as methylxanthines. Ingesting even a small amount of chocolate can be lethal to your animal companions, causing diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, and even death.

Candies that contain a sweetener called xylitol can also be especially deadly if consumed by your pups.

Miscellaneous Ingredients

Other ingredients that can be harmful to pets include certain fruits and veggies such as onions, scallions, garlic, leeks, grapes and raisins. Yeast, raw eggs, heavy cream and fatty foods can also be dangerous.

Keep Your Pets Calm And Party On

Thanksgiving is likely to look a little different this year, what with the pandemic preventing people from traveling or gathering in large groups. However, the same precautions regarding guests and your pets still apply.

Give Your Pups Some Personal Space

Animals can be shy or easily excitable, especially around new people. Additionally, the uptick in noise and activity levels at home may cause them to feel emotionally stressed. With this in mind, it might be best for your fur babies to sit out the festivities. Give them the personal space they need by letting them stay in a separate room with their favorite toys or a comfy bed.

Watch The Exits

Even if your pets are comfortable around visitors, it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on your home’s exits in case your pups decide to bolt.

Another precaution worth taking is to update your fur babies’ identification tags with your current contact information. This will make it easier for someone to get in touch with you if your furry friends do end up running out of the house and getting lost.

Pet-Proof Decorations

Historically, pets and holiday decorations don’t go well together. Left unchecked, the results can be downright disastrous. Always watch your pups around your holiday displays, especially if they include candles. Better yet, opt for electronic versions of them instead.

You’ll also want to avoid decorations that include pine cones and pine needles, as your pups may accidentally hurt themselves by ingesting or stepping on them.

It’s a good idea to have your veterinarian’s phone number on hand in case your dogs ingest something they shouldn’t have or display any signs of illness. Keep these precautions in mind, though, and you shouldn’t run into any major issues.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving with your pets and loved ones!

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