7 Hot Pet Products Your Company Should Offer This Holiday Season

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7 Hot Pet Products Your Company Should Offer This Holiday Season

Everyone is starting to buy Christmas gifts for their loved ones—and that includes their fur babies. Your business could miss out on a lot of revenue if you don’t cater to pet parents this season.

Don’t know where to start or what hot pet products to offer?

Here are a few popular and practical products to incorporate into your holiday line-up:

Pet Apparel

Just as humans get to wear festive sweaters, their fur babies should have the opportunity to dress up in pet-sized ones, too. But why stop there?

Your company can go a step further by offering other pet clothing like cat and dog t-shirts, pet coats or hoodies. It’s a great way to have fun with your company’s branding while making fashionable items that will be immortalized in many family holiday portraits.

De-shedding Tools

Owners of long-haired dogs or cats will always appreciate a tool that can help them tame their fur babies’ manes. And because de-shedding tools are non-perishable items, recipients will be likely to keep them around for a long time. It’s also quite easy to brand pet remover gloves or brushes and offer them as add-on purchases.

Matching Dog And Owner Sets

These products take “twinning” to another level. If you own a fashion brand, offering a coordinated set of clothing or accessories for pet parents and their animal companions makes for an irresistible holiday offering.

After all, pet owners will never pass up an opportunity to wear matching outfits with their furry friends.


A colorful and sturdy leash is a useful gift any dog or cat owner will love. They’re also fairly cost-effective to produce. The best part is your business will benefit from the exposure every time someone takes their pet for a walk while using your leash.

You can even pair this with a branded collar or harness for maximum brand awareness.

Holiday Treats

If you own a bakery, cafe, or restaurant, you can create a special line of festive treats for pets.  Invest in branded pet treats and consider adding a bit of catnip or fish oil to cat treats or infusing dog treats meat stock.

Fashionable Pet Collars

If you sell accessories, it might be a good idea to start offering decorative pet collars. They’re perfect for fur babies who don’t quite enjoy being dressed up in restrictive pet clothing. To jazz them up, you can customize collars with alphabet charms and Christmas-themed elements.

You can even create add-on detachable collar accessories such as bow ties, flowers, or snowflakes to help pet parents switch up their fur baby’s look for different occasions.

Pet Toys

Children love getting toys during the holidays; the same goes for your pets! Consider creating a line of pet toys made in the likeness of your company’s mascot or your best-selling products. It will not only attract your usual customers but can also attract pet parents who’ve never heard of you before.

Planning a holiday-specific pet product line doesn't have to take a lot of time! Look for a trustworthy manufacturer, like PrideBites, to create these items for you. If you’re looking for a reliable company that can turn your ideas into reality, look no further than PrideBites.

Our team will work with you to create high-quality offerings branded with your company’s logo or colors. Reach out to us today so that you can get started on your holiday offerings ASAP.


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