Hotel, Motel, Pet-Friendly Inns

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Hotel, Motel, Pet-Friendly Inns

More and more industries are stepping into the booming pet market to better engage their customers, including the hotel industry. When it comes to picking a hotel, travelers are now throwing another factor into the mix: whether the hotel is pet-friendly. While pets find themselves more integrated into the family, travelers find it harder to leave them behind on vacation, thus the vast growth of pet-friendly hotels begins.

Making your hotel pet-friendly is a mutually beneficial experience. Social Tables highlights a very important point, that the more pet amenities you can provide, the higher the pet fee or room premium prices you can charge. Whether that’s having dog treats in the lobby, outdoor space for the dogs, or putting dog food on the room service menu, people will spend more to know that their pet is happy. The hotel business is all about brand loyalty and happy customers turn into repeat customers who then refer their friends.

According to Lodging Magazine, 49% of pet owners plan to travel with their pet in the next year, and of that segment, 56% of them are seeking a hotel for their stay. This is a massive demand that is met with very little supply in return. With so few hotels deemed pet-friendly, it is the perfect time to transform your hotel to fit this market’s needs. While any hotel can call itself, “pet-friendly” the hotels that go above and beyond for their pet patrons are the hotels that are remembered.

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