Bring Your Dog To Drink Day

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Bring Your Dog To Drink Day

What’s better than bringing your dog to work? Bringing your dog to drink! Breweries are finding a lot more foot (and paw) traffic when they make their patios dog friendly. According to Craft Brewing Business, the number one way to keep people at your brewery longer is to make it a dog friendly environment.

Knowing that dogs being more integrated into the family, it makes perfect sense that dog owners will opt for a dog friendly brewery to spend their Saturday. Craft Brewing Business recommends enticing customers by making the dogs just as comfortable as the humans. With water bowls, poop bags, treats, and lots of space between chairs, people will be more likely to give you their business and bring a furry friend.

No one likes to feel left out. When the humans are consuming their beer and beverages, their four-legged counterpart will need something to do as well. Having your beer label on a dog products for sale is a sure fire way to make sure the dogs feel included. Not only will humans be inclined to a buy a toy to keep their dog busy, but who could pass up a photo-op of you and your dog drinking the same beer? All in all, a dog friendly brewery is a recipe for a good time to be had by all.

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