Growing Demand for Luxury Pet Travel

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Growing Demand for Luxury Pet Travel

After more than a year of being cooped up at home, many people are planning their vacations. This time, they’re taking their pets along, and tourism companies are taking notice of this growing demand for pet-friendly travel and establishments.

As a result, there’s now a good number of luxury transportation and accommodation options that are offering deluxe packages for pet parents who are traveling with their fur babies.

A report published by Wall Street Journal enumerated a list of high-end hotels that are offering special packages and menus specifically designed for people traveling with their pets.

Hotels such as El Encanto in Santa Barbara, California, and Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Disney World Resort in Florida, for example, have revamped their menus to accommodate their pet-owning guests.

These establishments now include gluten-free and vegetarian options for pet parents who adhere to certain diet restrictions, gourmet dishes for canine companions, and specially designed beverages and concoctions to help pups settle into their temporary homes for the duration of their trip.

There are also pet-friendly accommodations, such as the Hard Rock Hotel group, Ambassador Chicago in Illinois and Crown Plaza HY36 that are offering custom goodies to travelers and their pets. These canine welcome bags often include tasty treats, chew toys, memory foam dog beds, and even spa day packages for pets and their owners.

Meanwhile, pet parents who want their furred family members to enjoy a premium flying experience can book a flight with VisaJet. On top of providing pet treats, the aviation company also employs flight attendants who are well-versed in canine CPR and strategies to calm pets while they’re on board.

Promoting Your Pet-Friendly Accommodation to Traveling Pet Parents

Marketing your hotel, restaurant or transportation company as a pet-friendly option requires plenty of planning. You and your staff must also have a deep understanding of pet parents’ practical concerns when going on trips with their canine companions.

As a start, you can offer dog treats and custom wholesale dog toys to help welcome your furred guests to the premises. Preparing canine treats and free personalized dog products that bear your company logo will help your business stand out to customers who also happen to be pet parents. Plus, these types of customized pet merchandise make for memorable tokens of their stay in your establishment.

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