4 Popular Pet Products to Personalize

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4 Popular Pet Products to Personalize

In the United States alone, more than 84.9 million households have pets, and approximately 48 million families own dogs. If you are in the pet product business specializing in dogs’ supplies, this number represents your potential customers. However, you are not the only one tapping into this growing niche market.

Many big brands are offering various pet products. Often, they create an overflow of options that make it hard for customers to choose. So, if you want your brand to be differentiated from the rest and become your customer’s go-to choice, make sure your line of pet products has something unique to offer them and their beloved canine companion.

Offering personalized pet products in your store opens new opportunities to set your brand apart from those that sell generic items. Even if pet parents prioritize buying pet products to ensure their four-legged pal is safe and comfortable, they also want one-of-a-kind items that can help distinguish their pets from others. Also, many pet owners express their personalities through their pets so personalized pet products can help them better achieve the look and lifestyle they want their pet to have. 

Before ordering a batch of personalized products, carefully consider which items your customers will look for. From essential pet products to fun accessories that allow pets to match their owners, here are some pet products you can have custom-made to sell in your store. 

Pet Identification Tags

One of the first things a pet parent will get for their dog is an identification tag. Having a personalized pet tag with their pet’s name and owner contact information helps make sure they will be reunited with their beloved furry pal in case the animal strays. Offering customized tags allows pet parents to decorate the tag the way they want it. They can add beautiful details or have the tag made in their favorite colors, in a matte or glossy finish.

When choosing identification tags to sell, make sure they are made of durable materials that can withstand different elements so details on the tag remain readable. They must also be rustproof so that even if the tag gets wet or is exposed to the sun’s heat, it won’t easily break or get damaged.

Pet Collars

Another personalized pet product many dog owners will find appealing is pet collars. These essential pet items are used to attach a dog’s leash as well as important information like identification and rabies vaccination tags. Many states require pet parents to place a dog collar around their pets’ neck whenever they are in public places. By giving owners the option for personalized pet collars, you provide them with a product that complies with local laws while allowing them to dress their pet with an eye-catching accessory.  

Similar to the tag, pet collars must be sturdy and able to withstand getting wet. Some dogs can be involved in rough play and may possibly try to chew on their collars. Select dog collar materials that are comfortable for pets to wear so that they don’t attempt to remove the collar. 

Pet Food Bowls

Pet parents buy food and water bowls to ensure pets have enough to eat and always have access to clean water. But when looking for pet bowls, owners may also consider a design that can match their pet’s personality. Personalized dog bowls can be printed with the pet’s names or have a funny quip like “Bone Appetit.”

You can also offer pet bowls in vibrant colors and prints that can go well in the owner’s home interior. Apart from their aesthetic value, consider selling personalized pet bowls with features pet owners will find useful or convenient, including being dishwasher and microwave safe.

In addition, make sure to offer different kinds of pet bowls so you can accommodate the needs of various types of dogs. For example, dogs with short muzzles like pugs and bulldogs need shallow bowls so they can easily reach their food without straining their throats. On the other hand, deep bowls are best for dogs with long muzzles such as dachshunds and collies. The steep sides provide extra room so these canine breeds can comfortably eat.

Pet Apparel and Accessories

Many pet owners enjoy showing off their pups and making them stand out, especially when they are in a public space. So, dog owners dress up their pets in adorable doggie apparel and accessories such as dog shirts, jerseys, coats, bandanas, and hats. While many of these wearable dog items also function to protect pets from the cold or heat, using personalized pet apparel and accessories allows pet parents to express their personal style through their dogs. 

By offering personalized pet apparel and accessories in your business, you capture the attention of fashion-conscious dog owners. You can offer various dog outfit options to suit every kind of occasion, so pet owners can also keep their pups as well-dressed as they are. 

Whether you are starting a pet product business or expanding your current offerings, personalized pet supplies can give your business a distinct edge against your competitors. It also shows how well you understand the needs of pet owners and helps you build a relationship with them as the trusted brand for their pets’ needs. 

Reach out to one of our experienced design professionals today and get your unique branded pet product started.

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