First Doggie Day Out: 4 Items Every Pet Owner Should Bring Along

First Doggie Day Out: 4 Items Every Pet Owner Should Bring Along

Many people enjoy going on spontaneous day trips because they don’t require a lot of planning compared to typical vacations. Day trips are also perfect if you want an extended outing with your dog. It’s a great way to test out how they would react to being out of the house for longer than the typical walk. A doggie day out is a good trial run for you as a dog owner in case you want to take your pet along on future vacations. But even if you don’t need to make hotel reservations or pack several days' worth of clothes, a day hike or a picnic with your canine companion requires more than grabbing your car keys and your dog’s leash.

At some point during the trip, your dog will need to eat, drink, and go to the bathroom. To ensure your dog is comfortable and safe throughout the day, you’ll need to pack some important items. If this is your first big outing with your dog, follow the checklist below so that you’re prepared for your pet’s needs and give them a fun first doggie day out.

Dog Food and Water

Whether you’re going to the beach, on an afternoon hike, or having a picnic at the park for your pet’s first excursion, make sure to pack your dog’s food for the day. Place the dog food in a resealable plastic bag for mess-free storage. Bring some dog treats as well, and use the trip as an opportunity to train your pet. If your dog is distracted, offer them treats to get their attention and keep their focus on you. Keep the treats within easy reach by using customizable dog treat bags, which come with a carabiner that easily clips to your bag or belt loop. 

In addition to dog food, be sure to bring along a couple of liters of water to keep your pet hydrated throughout the trip. Although there might be other water sources at your destination, packing fresh supplies from home ensures that the water will always be accessible and safe to drink. Don’t forget to bring a pet travel bowl to ensure that your dog feeds and drinks from a clean container.

Dog Poop Bags

Even if you only plan to be out with your dog for a couple of hours, it’s a good idea to be prepared should your dog need to do their business. So make sure to remember to bring items that will help you clean up after your dog, including several doggie poop bags. Cleaning up after your dog isn’t the most pleasant task, but you can make it easier and mess-free when you have the right items. Make sure you never leave home without these cleaning essentials by getting multiple poop bag holders. Attach one to your bag and another to your dog’s leash so you’re always ready to clean up your dog’s mess. 

Spare Collar and Leash

Many public places require pets to wear their collar and leash at all times. That said, it’s a good idea to bring a spare dog leash and a spare dog collar with your pet’s ID so you have something to use in case the current one breaks while you’re out. If this is your dog’s first trip, they might get excited about visiting a new place and pull too hard on their lead.

Make sure to replace any broken collars or leashes as soon as you notice the damage. Keep all ID tags updated with your name and contact information. While these accessories won’t necessarily prevent your dog from getting lost, a leash and a collar will make it easier for finders to return your dog to you.

Dog Toys

If one of your goals for your dog’s first day out is to have some outdoor playtime, remember to bring some dog toys. You can pack a couple of dog-friendly tennis balls for a game of fetch or a rope toy for a short round of tug. You can also bring a plush toy in case your pet wants something soft to snuggle with during their downtime. Choose toys with durable construction and ensure that the design doesn’t have any small parts that could easily come off and become a choking hazard.

The beauty of day trips is that they require little planning. But for your pet’s doggie day out, make sure to bring along the items listed above so your dog stays safe, happy, and healthy during the outing. If you don’t want to miss anything, pack all these doggie items in one bag. Consider keeping this bag stocked and ready so you can easily grab it next time you take your dog for a fun day out.

Photo by Andrew Schultz on Unsplash