5 Pet-Friendly Tips When Hosting a Sports Viewing Party

5 Pet-Friendly Tips When Hosting a Sports Viewing Party

Hosting a sports viewing party in your home is a fun way to watch a game together with friends. You can cheer together and show support for your favorite sports teams while enjoying food and drinks. While inviting people over is more fun than watching alone, you need to ensure your entire household is ready for the event. 

Having guests over means that people will be coming in and out of your home more than usual, which increases the chances of your pet getting out of the house. You might also need to adjust how your pet’s area is set up to ensure your guests and your beloved dog feel comfortable around each other. Some dogs may prefer to stay undisturbed in a quiet room, while more sociable pups might enjoy being part of the party. You can even get a customizable dog jersey for your pet to show your team spirit. Take note of these five pet-friendly tips for hosting a sports viewing party that your guests and your dog can all enjoy.

Give Guests a Heads Up about Your Pet

When inviting people over to your home for the first time, remember to inform them that your dog will be present too. It allows them to know what to expect, especially if they’re allergic to furry animals. They can take their allergy medication before they arrive or bring it with them just in case they experience any symptoms.

Also, this is a good time to let guests know about how they should interact with your pet. Tell your friends if your dog appreciates getting belly rubs or gets upset if someone handles a particular toy. You can also let guests know your rules as a pet owner, like making sure your dog stays off the couch. Keeping your guests informed helps keep interactions with your dog safe and fun. 

Wear Out Your Dog Before the Party

Many dogs get excited by the uptick of activity and seeing new people at home. It may cause them to be more energetic and jump on your guests. This kind of playful behavior may look cute, but it might scare someone who isn’t comfortable around dogs. If you want to tone down your dog’s excitement, engage your dog in activities that will tire them out before your party starts.

You can play fetch with your dog or take them for a walk before your guests arrive. Letting your dog release their energy helps keep them relaxed. If they get too tired, your dog might even sleep through the party, so you can focus on watching the game and entertaining your guests. 

Start and End the Party with Your Dog on a Leash

Some dogs might mistake opening the front door for guests as a signal that it’s time for them to go out. As such, they might try to run out as soon as your guests come in or leave. This can be dangerous if your home is by the road, as your dog might get hit by a car or go missing. If your pet has a tendency to bolt out of open doors, it’s a good idea to secure them using a dog leash while you welcome or say goodbye to your guests.

Additionally, carry a few tasty dog treats in your pocket and use them to keep your dog’s attention on you as people enter or leave your home. This healthy distraction will certainly encourage your canine friend to stay put. 

Feed Your Dog Before You Serve Guests

Like any other social gathering, hosting a sports viewing party entails serving food to your guests. However, the scrumptious smell might entice your dog to go to your guests and beg for food. While your guests may be aware of the potential danger of feeding table food to your pet, your dog’s staring, nudging, and barking might persuade them to share some scraps.

If you want to keep your dog away from the dinner table, feed them before bringing out your guests’ food. Having their own food bowl will keep your dog busy and distracted. When your dog’s tummy is full, it will also make your human food less appealing to them.

Create a Safe Space for Your Pet

Watching a sports game with a bunch of people can get pretty exciting and noisy. You’ll most likely have the TV’s volume at its max level, and your friends will probably be cheering loudly, which can scare off some dogs. If you have a shy or nervous pet who gets scared by loud noises, consider putting them in a separate room. Be sure to make the space cozy for your dog by placing food, fresh water, pet toys, and a comfy dog bed.

Remember to keep the door to this room closed and prevent guests from going in by placing a sign on the door. Be sure to check on your furry friend every hour or so. Make sure they’re safe, calm, and comfortable.

While hosting a sports viewing party is a fantastic way to spend time with your friends, it can require additional preparations if you’re a pet owner. Your dog’s comfort and safety is an important consideration because it’s their home, too. Take your cue from the suggestions mentioned above, so you can worry less about your pet and focus on enjoying the activity. 

Photo by Dan Formsma on Unsplash