Don't Make These Dog Washing Mistakes

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Don't Make These Dog Washing Mistakes

Bathing your dog is vital in providing them with the best pet care.. and it keeps them from being stinky! When you regularly bathe your canine companion, they get various benefits. It maintains your pup’s healthy coat and helps reduce shedding, thereby minimizing your risk of getting allergies. Also, routinely grooming your pet can prevent the spread of dirt and germs inside your home. 

However, bath time can be stressful for your four-legged friend. The noise and pressure of the water, the confined space of the tub, and the scrubbing action can overwhelm them. That’s why your dog runs away from you or forces its way out of the tub. 

If you have difficulty getting your dog to be more cooperative, you need to assess the grooming ritual and see what part of bathing is uncomfortable for your furry pal. To make the experience positive and pleasant for you and your pup, here are some common mistakes you need to avoid when you bathe your dog.

Sharing Your Towels

A pup’s coat and skin are very different from a human’s, which is why they need dedicated bath supplies like towels. For humans, cotton towels work best because they are soft, comfortable, and can effectively remove moisture off the skin without the abrasive feeling. In the case of dogs, they have fur that soaks up more water than can be absorbed by cotton towels. Instead, you will need highly-absorbent microfiber towels, which can absorb seven times their weight in water. In this way, you will only need one towel instead of multiple cotton towels to completely dry your pup.

Additionally, having a separate towel for your pup means you can dedicate one or two for their exclusive use and not have it mixed up with the rest of your linens. To make sure you don’t mix up your and your pup’s towels, you can get customizable dog towels in your favorite color and have your pet’s name imprinted on the towel. 

Don't Use Human Shampoos

Similar to bath towels, your dogs need a different shampoo from the one you are using. Even if the bottle says it is made from natural ingredients or is mild baby shampoo, it can still be harmful to your pet’s fur and skin. Using human shampoos on your pup can cause dryness or irritation so it’s best to ask your veterinarian for the best product for your pooch. As a general rule, get a shampoo that is specially formulated for dogs or targets their specific needs. For example, oatmeal-based dog shampoos are gentle enough for regular use while medicated shampoos are used to treat various skin conditions.

Bathing in Very Cold or Very Hot Water

If you don’t want to take a freezing or scalding shower, neither does your dog. Water that is too hot or too cold can be a negative stimulus for your pet. The discomfort can make it hard for them to calm down during bath times, which can make things more difficult for you, too. To make the experience more enjoyable for your canine pal, adjust the water temperature to a lukewarm setting. Before bathing your dog, test out the water using your forearm rather than your hands because it is more sensitive to cold and heat.

Using a Strong Water Spray

One of the quickest ways to wash your four-legged friend is by using a handheld showerhead. However, the strong water pressure from it can scare even the bravest pup. It can also be uncomfortable against their skin. So, help them calm down by stroking their fur as you wash them instead of directly spraying water to your dog’s fur. By putting the back of your hand between the sprayer and your dog’s body, you can reduce the intensity of the water pressure that they feel. The touch will also provide comfort and help them calm down. Once your dog feels more at ease, you can move your hand away and let the sprayer do its thing. 

Forgetting to Protect the Ears and Eyes

Sometimes, when you want to reduce struggling with your dog, you try to bathe them as quickly as you can. However, rushing through the process can lead to missing out on important details. One of these is being careful to prevent water from getting into your pup’s eyes and ears. 

When water gets into their eyes, dogs can feel very uncomfortable. At times, it can even be painful for them. To stop this from happening, use a washcloth when cleaning your canine friend’s face. It will help you better control where the water and shampoo get into. Also, you need to be careful not to get water into their ears. Trapped water can cause ear infections so use a damp washcloth to clean their ears instead. 

Bathing your pup can be challenging when they get squirmy and try to run away from you. Although various elements in the situation can overwhelm them, you can turn bath time into a positive experience by avoiding the mistakes mentioned above. The calmer your pet is, the easier your job becomes so you can bathe and clean them more thoroughly.

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