AZ Veterinarian Gives Pet Safety Tips

AZ Veterinarian Gives Pet Safety Tips
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Though it’s the jolliest time of the year for humans, pet dogs and cats can get incredibly stressed out by the holiday season.

Fortunately, pet parents can keep their fur babies safe while ensuring that their celebrations are going as smoothly as possible. Brett Cordes, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine affiliated with the Arizona Animal Hospital, shared a few tips with City Sun Times on how to do just that.

To care for their animal companions properly, pet parents must be aware of the dangers to their pets in and out of their homes.

In Arizona, where the winter temperatures can fall between 66 and 42 F, many families tend to spend some time camping or trekking. According to Dr. Cordes, families that are doing outdoor activities with their pets should watch out for the following:

  • Dehydration, a condition that tends to affect pets and humans during this season
  • Cholla cactus, which naive dogs can run into while they’re exploring arid areas
  • Rattlesnakes, which curious canines can encounter even when it’s cold out
  • Valley Fever, a fungal disease that’s present in Arizona and can be transmitted by people to pets

In addition to these outdoor dangers, pet parents also need to pay attention to what their pets eat during their celebrations. Many common holiday food items can cause gastrointestinal issues in dogs. Examples include chocolates, turkey bones, and food items laced with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), an active chemical extracted from cannabis.

The ingestion of these foodstuffs may merit a surprise visit to the veterinarian. As such, keeping these items away from pups can help pet parents celebrate a hassle-free holiday.

Involving Your Pets in Holiday Celebrations

In addition to keeping your pets safe, you can also involve your pets in the celebration itself. You can give them personalized dog products such as custom dog toys, custom dog collars, pet blankets and beds, or even a selection of gourmet pet treats. Buy these ahead of time, if you can, so that you can avoid the holiday rush and receive your personalized gifts on schedule.

You should also make plans on how to accommodate your pets during your activities and when you’re having guests over. If your pet is still in the process of getting used to other people or has a weak constitution, consult your veterinarian for tips on making your celebrations safer and more comfortable for everyone.

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