5 Types Of Dog Toys Pet Parents Buy

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5 Types Of Dog Toys Pet Parents Buy

As a pet store owner, you need to provide your customers with canine companions a wide variety of products their dogs use. This includes essential items such as pet collars and pet bowls as well as objects to keep dogs entertained like toys. Dog toys encourage play and are beneficial to a dog’s well-being.

Dog toys can help fight boredom when dog owners have to leave their beloved pooch alone at home. They also provide comfort to nervous pups and prevent the development of behavior problems like excessive barking and digging. While chewing and playing are natural canine behaviors, they can become serious issues if the dogs do this to everything in sight. With dog toys, pups have a proper outlet to follow their instincts without becoming destructive. 

Given dogs’ playful needs, dog owners look for dog toys their furry friends can enjoy. And since dogs’ preferences on toys vary, you need to make sure you have a wide range of dog toys to offer. If you are looking to expand your inventory, here are some of the types of dog toys pet owners often get. 


Balls are often considered an essential dog toy. They are very simple to use and great for pups who enjoy chasing things. Standard size tennis balls are some of the most common toys, but smaller versions are also very popular. As ideal items for playing fetch, some balls come with a thrower that allows you to scoop balls from the ground and throw them without touching the tennis ball. When you offer balls in your pet store, make sure to have them available in different sizes to accommodate dog owners with small to large dog breeds.

Retrieving Toys

Many dog owners enjoy playing fetch with their dogs. While balls are the common toys to use in the game, there are also frisbees and other retrieval toys available. These types of toys are typically made of rubber, plastic, or rope. Dog owners sometimes prefer retrieval toys rather than balls because they don’t bounce or roll, so dogs don’t have to go too far to retrieve them.

If you want to offer something new in your line of products, you can order a batch of customizable dog frisbee rope toss toys in eye-catching colors. Aside from being a unique product, it’s a great toy for dog owners who are teaching their dogs to play fetch. If their furry pals are not interested in retrieval, they can use the rope parts of the toy to initiate a tug-of-war game. Once their dogs gain interest in the toy, owners can throw it like a frisbee and play fetch. 

Plush Toys

Similar to how kids are given stuffed toys to provide comfort, dog owners like buying plush toys for their pups to snuggle with. These toys have a soft texture and come in different shapes and designs. Some plush toys can have squeakers to inspire dogs to lightly play with them. The sound can also make dogs curious about the toy.

When selling plush toys, remind customers to supervise their dogs when playing with the toy. Some pups might rip the plush toys open and expose the stuffing or squeaker—which are harmful to dogs if swallowed. This can lead to gastrointestinal obstructions.

Chew Toys

It’s natural for dogs to chew objects at any age. Young pups do it to relieve any pain often caused by incoming teeth. For older dogs, it’s their natural way of keeping jaws strong and teeth clean. Chewing can also be the canine’s way of fighting boredom as well as easing mild anxiety and frustration. To avoid dogs from chewing and destroying their precious belongings like furniture and shoes, dog owners often get chew toys for their furry friends.  

When offering chew toys in your pet store, make sure to have a variety available. This way, you can provide your clients with different options based on their dogs’ chewing habits. For example, toys made of tough thick rubber are best for aggressive chewers. On the other hand, chew toys constructed from thinner vinyl are great for mild chewers.

Tug Toys

Dog owners with active canine companions enjoy a game of tug-of-war using tug toys. It increases the bond between pets and their owners and helps dogs burn extra energy. Typically, tug toys are made of braided rope but they can come in rubber materials as well. Each toy has two ends, allowing the dog to play with another dog or its owner. Aside from keeping dogs occupied, these tug toys can be beneficial to dogs’ physical health. Tugging can strengthen the jaw while chewing on rope toys mimic a teeth-brushing action that can slow down tartar buildup.

As a toy used in more active play, even the most durable tug toys become worn over time. Eventually, rope toys will shred and rubber tug toys can wear out. A replacement toy will ensure safe play for both pups and owners. By offering a wide selection of tug toys in your pet store, you provide your clients with tons of options for keeping their dogs active and healthy.

Many pet owners give toys to their dogs to improve their well-being. Toys also provide a way for owners and their pups to bond through play.  Since different dogs have varying preferences, dog owners want to have options for what to get their furry friends. By providing your customers with a wide selection of dog toys, you can cater to the different needs of dogs and their owners. 

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