5 Pet Products For Colder Weather

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5 Pet Products For Colder Weather

Toward the end of the year, many pet owners start preparing for the arrival of the colder season. Just as they stock up on all their home essentials, they also ensure their pets have all they need to be warm and healthy through the winter. Because this includes seasonal items, demand is likely to be high and pet supply stores need to prepare stocks well in advance, so they don’t run out and miss out on sales opportunities. 

Different pets will have different needs, so pet supply stores need to carry a wide array of products. These can vary from heated blankets and thermal dog bowls to customizable full zip dog hoodies and shoes for puppies. Read on for more ideas on the kinds of items that pet owners may need for their pets and make sure to get your store’s orders early so you can keep them in stock.

A Heated Place to Rest

Just as you enjoy a warm bed on a cold night, dogs enjoy this just as much during the cold winter season. Our dogs need to have the most comfortable and warmest spot in the house ready for the winter. One of the most important things to stock up on is pet beds and cushions with a heating element to keep pets warm. 

This might seem like just one product, but there are a few options you can offer your customers. For one, there are heat pads that can be installed onto the current pet bed setup, we recommend self-heating pads as they are safer for your dog. Pet parents can also consider microwavable pet blankets and heated pillows for extra comfort. 

Dog Sweaters and Jackets

Pet apparel can make pets look cute but they have practical uses, too. Dressing up for cold weather is just the right situation to build a pet wardrobe. Sweaters and jackets are some of the more popular options, and it is important to make sure these clothes fit the dogs properly. They should neither be too loose that the dog trips on them or too tight that they make it difficult for the dog to breathe or move.

Offer different sizing options that suit different dog breeds as well as various style and fabric options. Pet parents will appreciate being able to express their pet’s unique style or dress them up to match the occasion. For example, you may want to include Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah appropriate designs to commemorate the various celebrations.

 Foot Care for Dogs

Whether they have thick winter fur or a short-hair coat, all dogs’ paws are vulnerable when exposed to cold surfaces outside. Their paws are susceptible to frostbite, and pets are especially vulnerable because their paws are usually bare. There are several pet products necessary to take proper care of their feet.

Owners will want to go shopping for dog shoes or boots to keep their pet’s paws warm and protected from any hazards outdoors. Sharp objects may be obscured by snow, and poisonous substances such as antifreeze may stick to their feet and irritate their skin. Additionally, there are dog socks available for extra warmth and coziness.

At home, owners may allow their dogs to go around without footwear, so some additional care items may be needed. One is to have the right trimmers to cut off any hair that gets tangled between their toes. More than that, it is good to always keep pet ointment for cracked paw pads and other injuries.

Thermal Food Bowls

This is probably a given, no matter what the season is, but warm food is especially important when it gets cold. Of course, it is one thing to stock up on dog food that can be heated or cooked, but it is another matter for the food to stay warm if the dogs are free-feeding throughout the day. More than that, their water may freeze over if the temperatures drop below zero. We don't recommend ever leaving your pup outside in frigid temperatures. 

Fortunately, there are special dog bowls—thermal bowls—that can be plugged in to stay heated. It is best to have at least two of these bowls—one for food and the other for water. Even if these are made for pets, owners must be sure to take the necessary precautions to maintain the safety of the pets and limit the risk of a fire hazard.

 Toys and Indoor Activities

Chances are your customers and their pets are staying indoors more now that it's colder, and that means you need to keep them active so they stay out of trouble! To keep their dogs engaged and busy, pet parents should have more toys and other activities that dogs can do inside the house.

Having a variety of items that pet owners can choose from will help them be ready for the cold season. Plan your stock well and create appropriate promotions to encourage customers to purchase these seasonal items. Whatever products you decide to stock up on, remember that the goal is always to keep pets safe, healthy, and happy no matter the season.

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