5 Housewarming Gift Ideas for Pet Parents

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5 Housewarming Gift Ideas for Pet Parents

If your loved one is moving into a new home, giving them a housewarming gift is a lovely way to wish them well in their new space. Many individuals welcome and appreciate the warm gesture.

When you have a friend who is moving with theirdog or cat, it’s a good idea to get presents that will also benefit their pets. Think of items that will be useful for the pets and their owners, as well as objects that will make the new space feel cozy for all of them. This way, they’ll have an easier time adjusting to their new surroundings and settle in quicker. 

To help you find the best presents, here are five housewarming gift ideas your friend and their beloved pets will treasure. 

Pet Placemat

A fantastic gift idea any pet parent will appreciate in their new home is a pet placemat. Pet placements protect the floor from water spills and food stains. They keep a pet’s feeding area neat and easy to clean, plus giving their meals at the same spot adds to their sense of routine and stability. 

Some pets can get very excited during mealtimes and end up making a mess. Having a placemat under the food and water bowls can ensure the floors of their new home remain in pristine condition as the placemat can easily be washed along with the bowls when the pet is done eating. Also, these placemats are very durable and can be made from non-slip silicone, plastic, or foam to withstand any eager pet’s feeding habits. In terms of aesthetics, you’ll find different placemat designs to suit your pet-loving friend’s new home. You may also want to consider gifting them customizable dog placemats for a personalized touch. 

Pet Blanket

Make the new home more inviting for your loved ones’ pets by gifting them with a comfy pet blanket. Placing a blanket over a pup’s body can help calm them down in case they feel anxious about the new environment. Blankets also help canines feel comforted when they’re scared or stressed out, which can happen during thunderstorms. Most importantly, pet blankets can keep dogs warm during cold winters.

Even if your friend’s pet already has an existing blanket, giving them a new one allows them to have a replacement. Old, dingy-looking blankets can ruin the aesthetics of the new home. Additionally, having extras is useful for when the current blanket needs to be laundered. 

Pet Apparel

Is your friend moving to a colder area? If so, make sure their pets are ready for the lower temperatures by gifting them with some dog jackets and booties. These apparel can keep pets warm all year long by adding another form of insulation. In particular, short-hair breeds like chihuahuas and French bulldogs need an extra layer to retain body heat to keep themselves warm. 

On the other hand, all dogs, no matter their breed, will benefit from wearing dog boots. In the winter, the boots keep their feet warm and make it more comfortable to walk on icy or cold surfaces. This canine footwear also protects pets’ paws from general debris as well as the elements. They offer protection from hot sidewalks during the summer months and muddy puddles during the rainy season. Cold weather can also dry out their paw pads and lead to cracked or chapped paws, so wearing booties can prevent this problem. 

Pet Toy Storage

Another useful housewarming present pet parents appreciate is storage for their pet’s toys. One lovely idea is to get them a dog toy basket so that their pup’s toys aren’t scattered around the floor. It also keeps their new space clutter-free as it can serve as a catch-all for different pet items.

If you want a creative way to wrap your gift to your pet-loving buddy, you can use the toy basket instead of a gift box. Simply place your other gifts inside and wrap a ribbon around the basket. They’ll appreciate the thoughtful presentation and useful packaging.

Pet-Themed Photo Frame

Get your loved one a pet-themed photo frame to decorate their new home. Select a photo frame adorned with paw prints, pet ID tags, or similar motifs to show your friend’s pet-loving personality. But don’t just give an empty picture frame. Instead, personalize the gift by placing a photo of your friend and their pet in the frame. Chances are, you can find a nice photo of them together from your friend’s social media profile and simply print it to fit the frame. This kind of gift will surely warm up the new space and show off the friendly residents of the new home.

Giving gifts that recognize your friend’s love of their pet is a lovely way to celebrate their moving into a new place. Your loved one will appreciate the gesture. Aside from being useful, your pet-themed gifts will make their new space feel more warm and homey. 

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