Why Spending Time Outdoors Is Good for Your Dog

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Why Spending Time Outdoors Is Good for Your Dog

Although keeping your dog indoors protects them from various dangers such as traffic, extreme weather, and encounters with wildlife, prolonged confinement can lead to mental and physical stagnation. In particular, this can contribute to health issues like obesity and behavioral problems such as aggression.

As a dog owner, one of your responsibilities is to ensure that your dog gets enough outdoor time. Beyond mere enrichment, spending time outside offers myriad benefits for your dog. Below are the top reasons your canine companion should spend time in the great outdoors:

It Exposes Your Dog to Direct Sunlight

Much like humans, sun exposure is incredibly important to your dog. While they might receive sunlight through a window, nothing compares to basking under the sun. Take your dog for walks on a hiking trail or simply let them play in the yard often to soak up much-needed sunlight.

During the early morning, your dog can benefit from vitamin D production, which is essential in bone formation as well as muscle and nerve control. The sun also helps your dog regulate their temperature and sleep, which is especially beneficial for older canines. Exposure to unfiltered sunlight also provides a serotonin boost, improving their overall mood.

While sun exposure is largely beneficial to dogs, remember that too much can lead to dehydration or even skin cancer. Monitor your pooch's time outdoors and bring them in once it starts to get too hot. The ideal length of time your dog can stay outdoors will depend on their age, size, breed and health. You can consult your vet to determine the best time for your dog to be outdoors and getting their fix of sunlight.

Aside from limiting their sun exposure to what’s healthy, remember to bring water and customizable collapsible dog travel cups to help your dog stay hydrated. If your dog has thin fur coat, consider making them wear a custom dog bandana to provide them with some protective covering. You can also spray the bandana with water to help your dog cool down when it becomes too hot.

It Provides Your Dog with Space to Exercise

Your dog may not be getting enough exercise if all they do is play indoors. Your house or apartment may have limited space, preventing them from running around or getting in their daily dose of zoomies. Remember that lack of adequate activities can cause your fur baby to gain weight. Left unchecked, obesity can lead to more health problems, such as joint and muscle pain, heart disease, cancer, and other illnesses.

There are a variety of fun activities that you and your dog can do outdoors—play fetch, toss frisbees, go swimming, and more. Physical activities outdoors will keep their weight within healthy levels and also keep their joints flexible and muscles strong, both of which can delay the onset of mobility problems when they get older.

To keep your dog safe while playing in your yard or a public park, make sure they’re wearing proper gear. Your dog should have their ID tag attached to their dog collar or custom dog harness at all times. If they get lost, people who find them can contact you as soon as possible. Prevent them from wandering on their own by keeping them on a dog leash during your walks.

It Engages Your Dog with Sensory Stimulation

Sensory enrichment is crucial for combating boredom in dogs, which can manifest in behavioral problems such as digging, scratching furniture, frantic jumping, and excessive barking. Lack of stimulation can also contribute to anxiety or depression in dogs.

The outdoor environment will also provide your dog with a wide variety of stimuli. There, they can smell various plants and trees, listen to the sounds of nature, and see other dogs, humans, and animals. All these things stimulate your dog’s senses, treating them to a multitude of experiences that they can’t get from inside your home.

Apart from allowing your dog to explore the surroundings on their own, you can incorporate outdoor activities that encourage them to use their senses. For instance, you can hide your dog’s favorite toys or treats in your backyard to encourage them to track scents. Next, you can play fetch or use a dog frisbee to get their eyes to focus and follow a specific object.  Finally, you can take them to a dog park where there are opportunities for socialization with other dogs and humans.

The reasons outlined above underscore the significance of outdoor time for your dog. Beyond simply offering ample playtime and exercise, outdoor enrichment yields numerous health benefits that contribute to your dog's happiness and well-being. The time you spend outdoors can also strengthen the bond between you and your beloved pooch, fostering a deeper connection and enhancing your relationship.

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