5 Adorable Gift Ideas for Dogs and their Owners

5 Adorable Gift Ideas for Dogs and their Owners

5 Adorable Gift Ideas for Dogs and their Owners

If you have friends who are dog owners, you’ve probably witnessed how they shower their pets with amazing gifts. And that’s understandable if you think about the comfort, company, and unconditional love their dogs give them. Since they probably have everything they need to care for their pets, it’s not easy when shopping for doting dog owners and their canine companions. 

Fortunately, we’ve curated several functional and unique items that will celebrate dogs and their loving owners. Whether it’s for a special occasion or you simply want to show your appreciation for your friend and their pet, here are six adorable gift ideas you can give to dogs and their owners.

Doggie Accessories

There’s no such thing as too many accessories for dog owners who like to dress up their dogs. That said, consider getting customizable branded dog ties, doggie bandanas, and canine caps next time you want to give your friend’s pet a present. These dog accessories are great alternatives to clothes, as you don’t have to worry too much about finding the right size. Many dog ties, for example, feature a Velcro strip that quickly fastens to the dog’s collar. Clip-ons and similar accessories don’t constrict the body, so even the fussiest dog won’t mind wearing them all day.

Apart from being fashionable elements, some dog accessories serve functional purposes too. A canine cap, for example, helps protect a dog’s head from the sun’s heat and their eyes from glare. Doggie bandanas can help cool down dogs and prevent them from overheating on hot days. When soaked in cool water and wrapped around the dog’s neck, the bandana acts as a cooling garment. While doggie accessories can increase any dog’s cuteness factor, some of them are practical too, which is why they make amazing gifts.

Chew Toys

Another item dogs can’t get enough of is toys. If your friend has a playful pet, they’ll probably go through dog toys quicker than others. Chew toys, in particular, need to be replaced regularly because even the most durable materials can get damaged over time. If a small piece breaks off, it becomes a choking hazard and can cause intestinal blockage if ingested by the dog.

Chew toys help relieve a dog’s stress and anxiety by providing them with a healthy outlet. If your friend has to leave their dog alone at home, gifting their pet with such a toy can help them feel less anxious while on their own. When getting chew toys, choose durable ones that won’t break easily but aren’t too tough for the dog’s teeth. It’s also a good idea to get firm rubber toys with inner compartments to hold treats, as the food motivates the dog to play with the toy.

Dog Snuffle Mat

If your friend works at home and needs something to keep their dog busy, a dog snuffle mat will be a perfect gift to give. Essentially, this pet item is an oversized mat with different soft elements made of fabric to hide treats in. Dogs can bury their heads in the mat and enjoy hunting for hidden treats. When dogs do this, they exhaust their physical and mental energy, so it becomes easier for them to relax. It also facilitates one of the dog’s primary instincts, sniffing.

Dogs observe the world around them through their nose, and when they don’t have any new objects to sniff around the house, they can become bored. The snuffle mat can be an effective tool to mentally stimulate the dog as they use their sense of smell to find the hidden objects. Additionally, nose work is a great type of exercise. Some trainers believe that spending 15 minutes on the mat allows dogs to burn as many calories as a 60-minute walk. So, this toy can help your friend keep their pet physically and mentally healthy. 

Pet Camera

While some dog owners have no trouble leaving their pets alone at home, some might not be comfortable with the idea. If your friend is worried about being away from their pet, gifting them with a pet camera can help ease their stress. Many pet cameras come with an app that can be downloaded on any type of smartphone. Using this app allows the dog owner to access the camera feed and check to see what their pets are up to. 

When getting a pet camera, carefully assess the different models available as many of them offer unique features. Some pet cameras can dispense treats and have a two-way radio, allowing your friend to monitor their dog, interact with them, and reward them for being good pets.

Matching Shirts

Some dog owners enjoy dressing up in matching clothes with their pups. This can be very adorable and would look good in any family photo. Gifting your dog-loving friend and their pet matching shirts is a fun way to celebrate their bond, and it can be useful too. Aside from being adorable to look at, dog t-shirts can help pets stay warm on chilly days.

Your friend’s dog is an important part of their family, so offering a thoughtful gift or two for their pooch is something that your friend would appreciate. Seeing their dog happy is enough to make the owner feel good as well. 

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash