4 Must-Have Items for a Fun and Safe Walk with Your Dog

4 Must-Have Items for a Fun and Safe Walk with Your Dog

Walking your dog is a fantastic way to get some exercise, both for yourself and your pet. It’s also a great activity to help you relieve stress while bonding with your beloved pet. While you might enjoy your daily walks with your dog, you also need to be prepared for other things that can happen during that time.

Being outdoors means that there will be a lot of factors that are outside of your control. Your pet may feel excited or scared by loud noises, strange humans, or other animals. Your pet can also get thirsty from the activity or the heat. Also, you need to consider your dog’s comfort and safety while you’re out and about, which may mean using or bringing along certain pet necessities. So before you head out to get your dog some exercise or for a stroll, remember to get these must-have items.

Comfortable Harness

If you’re training your dog to walk on a leash, using a customizable chest dog harness is a good choice. The harness is worn around your dog’s torso with a clip in front or back where the leash can be attached. This kind of design guides your dog while walking and prevents the leash from getting caught under your dog’s legs. A harness is also recommended for strong pullers as it’s more comfortable to wear and won’t put any strain on your pet’s neck. When they don’t feel any unpleasant pressure around their necks, dogs become more relaxed and are less likely to pull at the lead.

Aside from being more comfortable, harnesses are safer to use if your dog is prone to respiratory problems or tracheal collapse. Dogs can develop a hacking cough when they get excited, drink water, or exercise. This problem is very common among short-snouted breeds like pugs and French bulldogs. If your dog struggles with a leash attached to their collar, a harness is a good option. You’ll also enjoy the walk more when you know that your pet is at ease. 

Collar with Identification Tag

While a harness makes walks more comfortable for some dogs, remember to always have your pet wear a dog collar every time they’re in public. Your pet’s collar is where their identification tag, license tag, and rabies vaccination tag are attached. The ID tag should have your dog’s name as well as your name and contact details. This information is important for helping finders identify your dog as a lost pet rather than a stray, so you can also be reunited with your lost pup more easily. Routinely check these tags as they can wear down over time and make your contact information difficult to read.

You should also make sure that your dog’s collar fits comfortably around their neck. Check if you can fit two fingers under the band. If so, this means it’s not too loose that the collar will slip over your dog’s head but not too tight that it feels uncomfortable for your pet. It’s also better to choose a collar with a strong clasp or buckle so it won’t instantly pop open with slight pressure. Avoid any collar that chokes, pinches, or shocks your dog, as this can be very uncomfortable. Your pet will be more likely to pull on the leash when their collar is uncomfortable, which can make the walk challenging and unpleasant for both of you. 

The Right Length of Leash

A dog leash is essential for any outing involving your pet, but you need to base your choice of leash length on the kind of walk you like to go on with your dog. For example, a fixed-length leash is perfect for going around the block, the park, or other public spaces with high traffic. It allows you to easily control your pet and pull them right next to you if needed.

On the other hand, a long-line leash is great if you’re going on some off-road adventure and want to give your pet some freedom to explore their surroundings while staying safely on-leash. Typically, long leashes can range from 10 to 30 feet. Keep in mind that using long leashes may require more practice on your part, as the extra length can be more difficult to manage. Unless your dog is well-trained and comes back promptly when called, stick to the standard-length leash.

Water and Travel Bowl

Whether you’re taking your dog for a quick walk around the block or to the nearest dog park, it’s important to bring a bottle of water and a pet bowl. Walking can be very tiring for your dog, and you need to ensure they stay hydrated throughout the activity, especially during warmer months. They also need a safe container to drink from, as public water bowls can house parasites that can harm your dog’s health. If you want something compact and portable, get a collapsible travel cup

When you and your dog are comfortable, activities like leisurely strolls and daily walks become more fun. The calm and pleasant experience also helps to keep your dog safe as they won’t panic and attempt to escape from their leash. So make sure you are ready with these must-haves and store them by the entryway so you can quickly access them when it’s time to take your dog for a walk.  

Photo by Bundo Kim on Unsplash  

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