4 In Demand And Top Pet Products

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4 In Demand And Top Pet Products

When it comes to the comfort and needs of their beloved companion animals, pet parents love to spoil their pets. They make sure to provide the best quality food and get them complete accessories for sleeping, walking, playing and grooming. After all, their pets are members of the family, and some pet owners even prefer to call themselves pet parents because their pets are as precious as their own children.

For businesses that sell pet products, understanding the needs of pet owners is key to their success. It’s important to stock up on different product types as customers find it more convenient to make all their purchases in one store. From pet collars and leashes to tasty treats for dogs, you can curate a good variety of pet supplies based on market reports on the most frequently purchased pet products.

Quality Pet Food

Among the different pet product categories, pet food continues to be the biggest segment. As a basic need, it sees the most repeat purchases and pet owners tend to be loyal to certain brands. In recent years, premium brands have seen the most growth as customers put more value in the role of good nutrition for their pet’s health. These types of pet foods include high performance foods that offer additional value like improving pet digestion and the quality of their coats. Customers are also more careful with their pet’s diets and prefer to choose pet food products that are raw, natural, high protein, and grain-free.

Apart from providing their kitties and pooches with a well-balanced diet, pet parents also purchase special dog treats. These snacks are designed to be very appealing to the animals and can be used to help with training. To make sure that these treats also provide a health benefit to their pets, owners may prefer to get products that help with dental care or make it easier for cats to expel hairballs.

Cute, Comfortable Pet Beds

Though many pet owners admit to sharing their beds with their pets, it’s still a good idea to have a dedicated pet bed so their dog or cat has a private space where they won’t be disturbed. Pet beds have always been available in all shapes and sizes but as pet owners become more conscious of how these items impact their overall home aesthetics, customers look for pet bed designs that match the rest of their furniture or reflect their pet’s personalities.

Cloth dog beds can be customized to match the color motif of the customer’s home and printed with the pet’s name. Classic wicker basket pet beds now take on the whimsical form of pineapples and other fun shapes for a more aesthetic appeal. Pet-sized furniture like sofas and beds appeal to owners of cats and small dogs. More health-conscious pet owners may even invest in orthopedic pet beds to provide better support for their aging pets.

Cat Litter Accessories

While owners of felines love their cats, cleaning up their litter boxes is a chore no one enjoys. Improvements like self-cleaning litter boxes make this daily task a lot easier, so some pet owners consider these a worthwhile investment despite the higher price tag. Other owners prefer to conceal their cat’s litter boxes so options like cat litter box furniture can offer value to store customers.

Accessories like cat litter mats minimize the spread of litter in the area and catch leaks. This is a more accessible option and given the obvious benefits of the product, customers who are buying litter boxes can be upsold to include this item in their purchases.

Interactive Pet Toys

Pet parents love having fun with their pets and often utilize toys to engage them in play time. Both cats and dogs like to use their teeth to catch the toys, so these accessories need to be replaced for pet safety when they begin to show signs of damage. Frequent chewing weakens the toy material and any loose pieces might be swallowed by the pet and cause a blockage in the digestive system. Keeping different pet toys in stock allows customers to repurchase their pet’s favorite toy and continue to enjoy play time without worrying about their health.

For pets who have a lot of energy to expend, pet parents look for interactive pet toys designed for self-play. These can be simple designs like treat dispensers and puzzles that keep pets engaged and entertained. There are also more advanced pet toys with specialized features such as throwing balls for dogs to fetch or moving a fuzzy object for cats who like to hunt.

The pet product industry is a lucrative business and there are many options for retailers to stock their stores with. Apart from stocking basic pet supplies, following the trend of best-selling pet products allows stores to offer a better shopping experience for their customers and caters to their desire to provide the best products for their pets.