Why Target Pet Parents?

44% of Americans are pet parents

One in 10 pets has a social media profile

Social media users post about their dogs 6 times per week on average

Approximately 10 super bowl ads have dogs in them every year

The Story

Moosejaw is an online and brick and mortar retailer specializing in outdoor recreation apparel. Their customers are the on the go, outdoorsy type who take their pups with them everywhere, so creating a line of pet products for them was a no brainer. Moosejaw's eye catching products are sure to spark a conversation about the brand.

PrideBites helped Moosejaw launch their line to our combined 100k followers on social media. The initial sales of the dog line at Moosejaw have been a huge hit, without any paid marketing, and within one month, Moosejaw and PrideBites are already discussing an expansion of their current line.

Why Did Moosejaw Create a Pet Line?

  • Increase sales through opening a new channel

  • Upsell new products to their current brand loyalists

  • Spread brand awareness through man's best friend

  • Create an emotional connection between their brand and customer

What Did Moosejaw Create?

Dog Toys

Collars & Leashes


Poop Bags

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