We Helped iDig
Create Award Winning Products

“Born in Austin. Built for fun.”

All good inventions begin at the brink of necessity. As the Hamill family was busy with homework and other occupying tasks, their dog, Prancer, continued to drop his ball at their feet for a never ending game of fetch. Grant, the son of the Hamill family said, “What if we made something that could throw the ball for Prancer so I can finish my homework?” And it was in that moment that iFetch was born. The entire Hamill family worked together to create prototype after prototype until the perfect version of iFetch emerged.

The Challenge

The Hamill Family wants to expand their product line, but lack the experience and necessary tools to execute a new product launch in time for the holiday season. The people of iFetch thoroughly searched for award winning pet designers to help expand their business.

Enter PrideBites

With a short time frame in mind, the people behind the success of iFetch, needed our help to get things going. Prototyping began in July and the product needed to be ready for its holiday season launch, and spoiler alert, we did it.
We created a detailed production process and helped navigate the Hamill’s time during overseas production. While the Hamill family is chalk-full of great ideas, they wanted the entire execution taken care of from production to roll-out.

"We love helping fellow businesses in the dog community dip their paws into new waters! We can execute product design, creation, and launch, and we love doing it. While awards and profits are excellent key performance indicators, the best measurement of success is entertaining the world’s furry friends."

Becca Denenberg


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