Fuzzy Case Study

Why They Created Custom Products?

  • To include in our member care packages; it enforces our brand & delights our members

  • They attend a lot of events & celebrate birthdays. By having several different PrideBites products, they can mix and match so their members are constantly surprised

More About Fuzzy

Fuzzy is a simple membership that includes all the basic veterinary care your pet needs in the comfort of your home. All core vaccination are included. Subscription Pet Health Plan Including:

1) In-Home Wellness Visits
2) Preventive Medications for Dogs & Cats
3) Veterinary Telemedicine Support
4) Pet Health Records & Reminders

What did Fuzzy Create?

Dog Bow Tie

Custom Toy

Custom Toy

Dog Seat Belt

Hear What They Are Barking

""My experience with PrideBites has been exceptional- they are regularly informing me of new custom products that match our brand as helped us turn our logo into an adorable toy to include in all member care packages.”

Darci Torok Head of Member Experience

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