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Our award winning foam stuffed PrideBites are fun, durable, non-toxic, pet-safe and vet approved.
The Durabite™ fleece outer shell is incredibly strong, soft, and provides dog’s an experience like no other toy can.
We have many available designs to choose from!

Squeaks Floats Versatile - Indoor & outdoor use Interactive
Made of Durabite Fleece 55 lb pull pressure Soft foam stuffing Vet approved

Minimum Order
Wholesale Price
$4.99 Per Unit
Case Packs
3 Units Per Design
Ships Within
1-2 Business Days!
Free shipping Orders over $300!

Pizza Dog Toy

Burger Dog Toy

Steak Dog Toy

Taco Dog Toy

Larry The Mailman Dog Toy

Martini Dog Toy

Paws Lite Bottle Dog Toy

Marvin The Monkey Dog Toy

Pupfries Dog Toy

Fire Hydrant Dog Toy

Hip Sneaker Dog Toy

Saddie The Squirrel Dog Toy

Ice Cream Cone Dog Toy

Skull And Crossbone Dog Toy

Sriracha Dog Toy

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