Bumble Case Study

Did you know?

44% of Americans own a dog

One in 10 pets has a social media profile

Social media users post about their dogs 6 times per week on average

Approximately 10 super bowl ads have dogs in them every year

Why Bumble Created Custom Pet Products?

  • Reach customers in a unique way

  • Raise money for Emanicpet

  • Spread brand awareness using viral social media content

Pawsome Results

The Bumble and PrideBites SXSW pary was able to generate 50,000 social media impressions and both brands were featured together in a Spin Magazine’s SXSW highlight.

With a natural attraction to our furry friends, PrideBites and Bumble attracted new consumers from all over the city of Austin and its visitors. Bumble's custom PrideBites SWAG continues to be seen making tails wag all over Austin.

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Talk About Going Viral

Your Customers Have Friends.. Let Them Do Your Marketing For You

What All The Bark Is About

"We see the toys in so many consumer's hands, and we hear consistently that their dogs love them! The sales and the traffic on our social media speaks for itself."

Let's Face It, Most Of Your Customers Love Dogs

Let's Make Some Custom Pet Products Together

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