We Help Breweries Brands Expand Their Merchandise Offerings

According to Forbes, 83% of millennial pet owners buy pet-themed merchandise and products. PrideBites wants to help you capitalize on this spending trend.

Millennials make up a good portion of the drinking population, and they also make up a good portion of US pet owners. I know it seems like beer and the pet industry are not related, but pet owners are spending, and it is not just on food and trips to the vet.

The average pet owner post something about their pet on social media 2x a week!
 …and there are 100M US Households with Pets!

"PrideBites has been very easy to work with from start-to-finish. Quick communication with quotes, creative, etc and somewhat of a ‘no-nonsense’ model for pricing items with straightforward and transparent price-breaks. Product quality is great and lead times are manageable."

Chris Lowery

Brand Manager, Austin EastCiders

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