Weatherproof Dog Collars
Weatherproof Dog Collars
Weatherproof Dog Collars
Weatherproof Dog Collars

Weatherproof Dog Collars

Our collar is the perfect accessory for your dog loving customer who wants to rock your business or design!
- Easy to Clean - Simple to maintain, just wipe clean with a damp rag and you're all set
- Smell Proof, No Hassle - Water, dirt, smells easily repelled for a continuously fresh collar
- Adjustable for the perfect fit
- Strong and Durable
  Small Medium Large
Length 11-16" 14-20" 18-26"
Width 5/8" 3/4" 1"
Thickness 0.1" 0.1" 0.1"
100 / 500 / 1000 Units per size
*If only ordering one size, the MOQ is 100 units.
Free upon request with order
4-6 Weeks

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Customizable Dog Collars

A collar is one of the most important purchases that a dog owner will ever make. That said, today’s dog parents are very discerning about the kinds of collars they buy. They pay attention to the particulars behind each product’s design, like its material, design, and source. Aside from the practical features of a dog collar, many buyers look for distinguishing details that won’t be found on common or generic products. That’s why there’s a promising market for specialty items like customizable dog collars—and why your company should explore releasing a line of your own.

Make ripples in the pet industry with your very own customizable dog collars. Doing so will help you establish a lucrative customer base among dedicated dog owners. It may also help you refresh your brand’s current promotional strategy in a way that’s not possible through the methods of conventional advertising. Do right by the process, and earn the patronage of the dog enthusiasts in your local community!

What Practical Uses Do Customizable Dog Collars Serve?

A good reason to invest in your own line of customizable dog collars is that your customers will consider them a very practical purchase. A high-quality custom dog collar will be able to serve the following purposes:

Compliance with US Leash Laws

The laws may not be the same everywhere, but most states and localities require dog owners to keep their dogs on leashes in public settings. Your customizable dog collars can help dog parents stay compliant with these laws. In the spirit of these ordinances, they’ll ensure that your customers’ dogs are safe when they’re walking on-leash and that it won’t be easy for the dogs to break away.

Identification for Dogs

Dog collars also serve as a means to identify dogs and make their contact information more accessible. The dog owner can use the collar’s D-ring to hang a tag with the dog’s name and the owner’s contact number. The tag can also include other important information, such as any health conditions the dog has. A customizable collar will ensure that these are noticeable and that the dog can be easily identified in case it gets hurt or lost.

Maximum Visibility to Other People

One principle that dog owners know to follow is that their dogs should be seen by others when they’re out in public. A high degree of visibility keeps other people from bumping into the dogs, and it also decreases the likelihood of the dog getting into a vehicular accident. Launch a customizable dog collar product with a distinctive design, and help your customers keep their dogs out of harm’s way.

Why Invest in Your Own Line of Customizable Dog Collars?

Pet products may not be your company’s forte, but if you launch a successful line of customizable dog collars, they may become one of your top-selling items. Here’s why:

They’ll Be a Hit Among Pet Parents

Customizable dog collars will make dogs look a lot more dapper and photogenic than collars that can be bought at a run-of-the-mill pet store. For pet owners who want their dogs to rock tailor-made and exclusive designs, these collars will be the perfect solution.

Your Employees Will Love Them

Retail customers aren’t the only people who’ll be excited about your product. If you have a large population of dog parents in your company—and if you’re taking the extra step to make your workplace more pet-friendly—you can even order a batch for your employees’ dogs to wear. This is an awesome way to boost morale and bolster a sense of community among pets and their owners while everyone’s in the office.

They’re a Thoughtful and Original Corporate Gift

Most people appreciate freebies, but they don’t look forward to receiving the same items again and again. You can add a touch of variety to your lineup of corporate gifts by adding customized dog collars into the mix. Your recipients will surely appreciate that you thought of their fur babies’ needs!

They’ll Be a Great Introduction to Your Brand

If you feel like you’ve exhausted all other means to advertise your brand and want to tap into a new demographic, this is a promotional strategy that you can try out. Launching a line of customized dog collars is a unique way to profess what your brand is all about. It’s also a great opportunity for you to communicate brand values like a love for animals and support for pet-inclusive lifestyles.

What Should You Feature on Your Customizable Dog Collars?

Once you’ve decided to launch your own customizable dog collars, you’ll need to think about what goes into the ideal product. Some characteristics that should define your product are the following: 

Maximum Comfort and Safety for Your Customers’ Dogs

Above all else, you should guarantee your customers the safety and comfort of their dogs. Provide different options for length and width so that your products can fit dogs of all sizes. Make sure that the collars can rest comfortably around each dog’s neck without choking it or abrading the skin under its fur.

Sensible and Intuitive Product Design

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to a product like a dog collar. Your customizable dog collars should be easy for dog owners to put onto and take off of their pups. Storage and cleaning should be a breeze, too. When it comes down to choosing the perfect collar, these attributes are what dog parents will look for.

High-quality Construction and Materials

Your products should also be made out of quality materials that will last a dog owner more than a couple of years. When given the option, always choose heavy-duty stitching, durable fabric, and long-lasting metal and plastic components for your dog collars. By doing so, your customers can rest assured that they’ve gotten exactly what they’ve paid for.

That said, you should also choose high-quality materials when creating promotional items. Receiving such a well-made gift may just impress your recipients so much that they become paying customers in the future.

Your Brand’s Visuals and Brand Story

Don’t forget to make your brand’s colors, message, and iconography a distinguishable part of your collar design. This will make your brand more discoverable in out-of-the-ordinary situations, like during pet events or play dates outside. Customizable dog collars offer great potential for your brand to cultivate a following among pet owners as well as other people in their circles. Plus, it won’t hurt that people will associate your brand with dogs, who make the most adorable brand ambassadors.

5 Steps for Releasing Your Own Line of Customizable Dog Collars

Finally, to make your execution of these new products as smooth and successful as possible, here are some actionable tips for releasing your customizable dog collars into the market:

Find a Reliable Supplier

Your priority should be to find a design and manufacturing partner who’s well-versed in the area of pet products. They’ll know how to guide you through the design process, the quality assurance, and the distribution of your new pet merchandise. Pay extra attention to who you partner with, as this will spell the difference between a mediocre product and a product that truly resonates with dog owners.

Make Mock-ups of Your Designs

Next, see which of your brand’s messages translate best into a visual medium, and will therefore look good on a customized dog collar. Ask your design partner for mock-ups and choose the collar designs that stand out most positively.

Promote Your Products on the Web and Social Media

Start promotions for your products as early as you can. You can stoke the interest of dog parents by posting teasers on your social media accounts, hosting preorders on your website, or offering discounts to the first buyers. You should also consider running a content-driven SEO campaign to advertise your new collars on the web, and thus make them easily discoverable to local customers looking for pet merchandise. Supplement your marketing copy with dog photos and videos, features about happy customers, and other useful content like tips for leash training with the collar.

Showcase Your Products at Pet Fairs and Other Events

One of the best ways to get the word out about your new product is to feature it in a pet-related event, like a county fair or pet expo. You can sell your collars directly to customers at an event booth, or you can sponsor an activity in the event program and have them feature prominently there. Other options include raffling the collars off as prizes or asking event organizers to put them in the event’s giveaway packages. Attendees will be delighted to discover your product in any of the aforementioned ways.

Design Beautiful and Marketable Custom Dog Collars with PrideBites

If you’ve got a design partner like PrideBites helping you out with your product launch, you’ll be in good hands. Our team has been honored with major awards in the pet industry, and our work came to wide public attention with our appearance on the show Shark Tank.

Ultimately, our efforts speak for themselves. We’ve worked with various companies to launch custom pet products, and we’ve made many dog owners happy in the process. Let us do the same for you, and partner with us for an excellent new line of customizable dog collars. Contact us now for a free virtual mock-up!

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