Tug 'N Toss with Customizable Dog Tennis Balls
Tug 'N Toss with Customizable Dog Tennis Balls
Tug 'N Toss with Customizable Dog Tennis Balls
Tug 'N Toss with Customizable Dog Tennis Balls
Tug 'N Toss with Customizable Dog Tennis Balls
Wow your clients with unique gifts
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Wow your clients with unique gifts
Amaze your customers with giveaways 
Resell on your site
Stand out at events

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Tug 'N Toss with Customizable Dog Tennis Balls


Have you ever wondered why dogs take so well to a simple, no-frills kind of toy like a tennis ball? The science behind dogs’ affinity for tennis balls suggests that they appeal to the predatory instinct that lives on in canines. But domesticated dogs don’t confuse toys like tennis balls for humans or other live animals, which makes them a safe and fun outlet for playtime. Two-in-one toys—like customizable dog tennis balls with their own straps—are especially ideal for games of fetch and tug-of-war.

What do customizable dog tennis balls have to do with your company, however? The answer may surprise you in a good way. A niche pet product like this one may help you revitalize your brand and earn you a dedicated customer base of dog parents. Find out how to turn this classic dog toy into an innovative new promotional strategy for your company, and get the chance to break out in the lucrative pet industry!

What’s the Appeal of Customizable Dog Tennis Balls?

Customizable dog tennis balls are among the best types of dog toys to produce—for the simple reason that they’re so popular among dogs. Some of the attributes that make them so appealing are the following:

Their Small Size

For one, a tennis ball is a small toy that can fit perfectly inside a dog’s mouth. This makes them a delight for dogs to catch and bring back to their owners during rounds of fetch.

Their Springy Texture

Tennis balls also offer a little resistance when they’re bitten down on. Dogs enjoy this sensation, as well as the mouthfeel of the rubbery ball. The texture and the “give” are what keep them from being bored with this kind of toy.

Their Bouncy Surfaces

Whether they’re tennis enthusiasts or not, most dog owners enjoy thwacking their tennis balls on the pavement and watching them bounce. The same goes for dogs—the sight and sound of a tennis ball flying from the concrete never fail to excite them.

Their Endless Playtime Appeal

At their core, tennis balls achieve what dog toys are actually supposed to do: inspire healthy exercise and mental stimulation for dogs. In addition, they’re endlessly reusable, and a well-made tennis ball toy can last a dog and their owner a long time.

Why Should Customizable Dog Tennis Balls Be Your Next Pet Product?

The classic tennis ball design, paired with something extra like a nylon strap, will sell well among dog parents. Here are some unique selling points that make customizable dog tennis balls attractive purchases or freebies:

They’re a Safer Alternative to Conventional Tennis Balls

Conventional tennis balls are, of course, made primarily for the racket sport of tennis. That means that they’re best used by humans in their original application.

Even if regular tennis balls are the cheapest option, though, they’re not necessarily the best option for dog owners. That’s because the thick felt lining can come off after a dog chews it a few times. Moreover, a regular tennis ball’s rubber core can split in half very easily when subjected to a very strong dog bite. Either scenario can result in a choking hazard or digestive problems for a customer’s dog.

Instead, owners should buy customizable toys that are tailor-made for the use of dogs. That way, dog owners are guaranteed stronger and safer construction than what they’d get with ordinary tennis balls.

They Offer Great Value for Money

A tennis ball is neither very expensive nor very complicated as a dog toy, and it will last for many a playtime session. For the play potential these toys have, they offer a lot of value for money and should therefore be on regular rotation for a pet owner.

They’re Easy to Use, Clean, and Store

Again, using a dog tennis ball won’t be like rocket science for either the pet owner or their dog. In addition, cleaning the tennis ball involves nothing more than scrubbing it or soaking it in water and white vinegar. Then, it’s just a matter of drying the toy by leaving it out in the sun or by using a blow drier on it. They’re also easily stored away on a shelf or inside a cabinet drawer until it’s playtime again.

They’ll Help Your Customers with Their Dog Training Regimen

Dog owners can also incorporate customizable dog tennis balls into their training routines. The toys can be used to instruct dogs on picking up items as well as letting them go. The strap on a “tug-and-toss” kind of tennis ball will also come in handy for teaching dogs about resistance and control. Owners can train their dogs to avoid pulling too hard or to give slack when they’re told to.

They’ll Serve as Memorable Corporate Gifts

If people have the opportunity to receive corporate gifts, there’s a long list of items that they likely already have and may not even appreciate as much as you’d like them to. But this won’t be a problem for the many dog owners among your customers, employees, or business associates. Something as unique as a dog tennis ball with its own strap will incite curiosity among them. It also increases the likelihood that they’ll remember your brand in a positive light, all thanks to such a useful, original, and thoughtful corporate gift.

What Should You Feature on Your Customizable Dog Tennis Balls?

Once you’re set on releasing a line of customizable dog tennis balls, you’ll need to pool your efforts into creating a product that will result in strong sales. The goal is to compel dog owners to choose these over conventional tennis balls or other types of dog toys. To that end, you’ll want to showcase the following characteristics of your product:

Safe and Durable Construction

Highlight the durability of your tennis ball toy as well as its safety for dogs. Incorporate a fuzz layer that’s not as abrasive as that of an ordinary tennis ball and a reinforced rubber core that can withstand repeated biting and chewing.

Ease of Use

Though dog owners appreciate innovation and creativity in a product, they also like items that are timeless in their simplicity. With that in mind, be sure to feature ease of use as a distinguishing characteristic of your tennis ball toy. Make it a point to demonstrate the stress-free maintenance, cleaning, and storage of the item to dog parents.

Eye-catching Designs

When designing a customizable dog tennis ball, there’s a lot of room for you to showcase the best of your brand identity. A tug-and-toss toy will include the classic yellow tennis ball design, but its nylon strap can feature mosaic-style or text-driven prints. Find out which design works best when you and your design partner work on the mock-ups.

3 Tips for Successfully Launching Your Own Line of Customizable Dog Tennis Balls

A solid business plan will allow you to earn the most out of your new product and make a great impression among your dog owner customers. Here are three suggestions that will help you achieve a smooth rollout of your customizable dog tennis balls from start to finish:

Pursue an Original Dog Tennis Ball Design

Be creative and daring about the designs that you’ll feature on your tennis balls. Appeal to dog parents’ desire for boutique products that are a cut above what they’ll find in ordinary pet stores. The more original your products are, the likelier they are to catch your customers’ attention.

Market Your Product to the Pet Parent Community

Take a proactive approach to marketing your product to the pet parent community. Join social media groups of dog enthusiasts in your town or city, or make contact with the officers of a local kennel club. Remember to be authentic in your interactions with dog parents, and avoid “hard-sell” tactics for promotion. The quality and design of your dog tennis balls should be able to speak for themselves.

Instruct Buyers or Gift Recipients on Safe Play

Every time you make a sale or distribute your dog tennis balls as freebies, include instructions for how to use the item safely. You can include printed instructions on the product packaging, release an instructional video, or post an FAQ for the product on your website. Remind dog owners that they should always supervise their dogs when they’re using your toy and that they should watch out for signs of choking or other injuries. In addition, encourage owners to replace the toy when it’s worn out, and to check their dogs’ teeth for dental wear after prolonged use of the tennis ball.

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