Bark in the Parka: Customizable Dog Winter Coats

Our fashionable coat will keep your dog comfy and warm while also increasing its cuteness level

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Bark in the Parka: Customizable Dog Winter Coats
Bark in the Parka: Customizable Dog Winter Coats
Bark in the Parka: Customizable Dog Winter Coats
Bark in the Parka: Customizable Dog Winter Coats
Bark in the Parka: Customizable Dog Winter Coats

- Insulated with warm fleece lining
- Easy to take on/off
- Zipper and leash flap simplifies walk time
- Machine washable

Chest Circum.
Back Length

25 / 100 Units per size

Free upon request with order

4-6 Weeks

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Just like humans, dogs can be quite sensitive to low temperatures. Thankfully, there are pet-sized coats that can let dogs of all sizes enjoy the outdoors with their owners, even during the colder months. Help your customers keep their pets warm by offering them fleece-lined dog parkas and coats made by Pride Bites. For most dogs, going on walks with their fur parents is the highlight of their day. However, there are days when it’s just too cold to go outside. Additionally, many fur parents worry about exposing their pets to strong winds and low temperatures. It doesn’t feel right to take their pets out on an hour-long stroll if they’ll feel uncomfortable the whole time. The good news is that there are actually parkas that are designed specifically for dogs. Our team at Pride Bites has come up with different coat designs that your customers’ furry companions can wear whenever the weather gets a bit too cold for comfort. To keep dogs warm and toasty, the coats are lined with fleece. They also have zipper closures and leash flaps that simplify the process of putting them on or taking them off. Pups can also wear these coats and parkas comfortably while running or playing, as these garments are quite durable. When they’re done, pet owners can simply toss these dog coats into the washing machine if they get dirty during their daily romp. Don’t let cold, windy, or rainy days get in the way of your customers’ daily walks with their dogs. Check out Pride Bites' customized dog parka and coat designs and get a free mock-up today.

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