Why Do Pet Parents Want Branded Dog Toys?

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Why Do Pet Parents Want Branded Dog Toys?

When you talk with someone who shares his or her life with a dog, chances are they do not describe themselves as “dog owners,” it’s more likely they refer to themselves as “pet parents.” That makes sense, millennials are enjoying a child-free lifestyle and are lavishing their attention on their fur-babies. Empty nesters are turning their attention from their human children to their dogs and cats. 

It’s estimated that close to 50% of millennials look at their pets as “starter children.” Their love of their pets is a big opportunity for savvy brands 

A National Pet Owners Survey, from 2017-18, showed that close to 90 million families own a pet -- that is close to 70% of all households in the United States! That is a mind-boggling statistic AND it’s an opportunity for the savvy pet product manufacturer. Of those pet parents, it’s estimated they are spending about $150 per month on their dogs for items including food, treats, toys and clothing.  Pet parents are also spending more money on grooming, pet health insurance and taking their pets to the veterinarian to keep them healthy and happy for a long lifetime. 

Why Do Pet Parents Want Branded Dog Toys?

Pet parents are looking for ways to not only show our dogs how much we love them. We also want to show to our friends and family just how much care and attention our dogs are getting. Because of this, many pet parents are turning to unique pet gifts and that includes personalized dog toys and even dog toy chests and personalized dog clothing. 

Here some reasons pet parents want branded dog toys: 

1. If your brand wants to connect with a pet parent who takes his or her dog to a doggie daycare, a product you've given to your customer that features your logo is a toy that is sure to make its way back home with the dog and pet parent at the end of the day. Its uniqueness will assure that! 

2. At the doggie daycare, the pup who is playing with a toy branded with your business name and logo will be seen by the doggie daycare staff and by the other pet parents. Your brand will be seen by other pet-loving people who may not have known of your connection to dogs and their owners and your reach spreads. 

3. It’s a status symbol for some pet parents to have their dogs playing with a toy branded by their favorite coffee brand, adult beverage brand, clothing line, toy store and others.

4. Many pet parents celebrate their dog’s birthdays, adoption dates and other holidays. If your business invests in branded dog toys for special occasions you can rest assured the pet parents will be thrilled to give their beloved pup that toy you've provided for that special occasion. 

5. Holidays such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, National Pet Parent Day, Responsible Pet Ownership Day and others have pet parents on the lookout for a dog toy or leash or collar or another dog item they can give to their dog to share in the sentiment of the day.

The pet parent’s dog may not be aware his new chew toy or stuffed toy or sweater has your business's name and logo on it, but the pet parent does and that’s what matters. Market your products to the pet parent who wants to lavish his or her beloved fur baby with high-quality toys. When those toys feature your branding, your connection to the pet parent skyrockets.  

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