TikTok Dog Loves To Dress Up

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TikTok Dog Loves To Dress Up

Humans aren’t the only ones affected by the cold weather. Dogs get the chills, too. Some pups even love wearing pet clothes to stay warm.

One needs only to look at the example of Salem, a Las Vegas-based Doberman mix who recently went viral on social media app TikTok, as reported by Yahoo! News. An account dedicated to Salem and his golden retriever sibling, Sirius, has recently amassed 1.8 million followers on the platform.

According to his owner, Salem knows when it’s sweater weather. When the temperature drops, he gets insistent about putting on an extra layer or two. He communicates by whining or staring at his owner and only stops when he’s dressed in one of his favorite pullovers.

Knowing how often Salem might ask for a sweater, the owner has taken to regularly hanging one up on his dog kennel. Salem responds by bringing her the sweater so that he can get a little extra help while dressing up.

In a video that’s garnered more than eight million views on TikTok, Salem’s owner can be heard telling him to “get it” without specifying the exact item. The smart pup, knowing exactly what she’s referring to, plops off the couch and fetches his favorite plaid over-the-ear pajamas.  

Fans of Salem’s covered-up look have left thousands of comments about how cozy and warm he seems. One commenter compares his cuteness to that of someone peeking their head out of a blanket, while another remarks that Dobermans get cold easily and tend to seek warmth like this.

Keeping Your Dog Warm and Comfy This Winter Season

Salem isn’t the only pooch who’s feeling the cold weather in his bones. Dog owners must remember that their pups need to stay warm during the winter, too. Keeping a dog warm and comfortable will also protect them from seasonal maladies like canine colds, pneumonia, and hypothermia.

Though their natural fur coats keep them insulated to some degree, some dogs will benefit from extra layers like dog sweaters, dog shirts, or dog vests. They’ll be even cozier at home with custom dog beds and personalized dog blankets.

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