Should You Use a Slip Leash for Your Dog?

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Should You Use a Slip Leash for Your Dog?

A slip leash, as the name implies, is a leash that easily slides around your dog’s neck. The handle of the leash goes inside a metal ring to form a loop, which slips around your dog’s neck like a collar. Because of this collar loop, slip leashes are seen as a collar and leash in one that you can quickly put on a dog.

If you are used to having a separate collar and leash for your dog, you may be wondering if there are benefits to using a customizable slip leash and if you should get one for your dog. Read on to find out if this is appropriate for your pup, and how to use a slip leash correctly if you do get one.   

Why Should You Use a Slip Leash?

It Doesn’t Require A Collar

Some collars can rub against a dog’s fur or skin, which can be uncomfortable and cause enough friction to leave a bald spot. As such, wearing collars at all times isn’t always recommended. However, if you regularly take off your dog's collar but need to put it back on for walks, it can be inconvenient and time-consuming. 

The slip leash can be a convenient alternative in this scenario, as you will have a leash and collar in one. You can also opt to only have a slip leash if you’ve decided not to use collars for your dog. 

It’s Convenient to Put On and Take Off

The slip leash’s adjustable collar allows for a pet owner to easily slip the leash on and off their dog. This convenience is perfect for times when you don’t need to keep your dog on the leash for very long, like  walking your dog from your house to your car or going to a dog park. Simply put on the slip leash when you exit the car, and then easily slide it off when you get to the park's fenced area. 

A slip leash is also a convenient option for trips to the vet, where a dog’s collar might have to be removed during a check-up. Some collars can be hard to unbuckle, which can prevent a vet from doing their job. A slip leash will also be helpful when you take your dog to the groomer, as the lack of a collar makes it easier for the groomer to bathe and brush your dog.

It’s Useful for Training

A slip leash is recommended for training by most dog trainers. But only use a slip leash when your dog has already been leash-trained and doesn’t pull on their leash. The slip leash can help them learn how to walk well, focus on the road, and listen to commands. As the slip leash tenses when your dog turns their head or pulls forward, the tension discourages them from leaving your side. The tension will release as soon as they return to your side, which acts as a reward for their good behavior. 

Aside from training your dog to walk well, the slip leash can also be used for potty training your puppy. When you don’t have a fence around your home, the slip leash can easily be worn by your puppy when they need to go outside to relieve themselves. The slip leash acts as a way for you to keep your puppy from escaping when you have no fences.  

How Do You Use a Slip Leash Correctly? 

Slip leashes have a bad reputation as being harmful to a dog but, if used correctly, they are safe, convenient to have on hand and are great tools for training. To use a slip leash correctly, make sure that the leash is wrapped around the highest part of your dog’s neck, near the back of their ears. Your arm should be relaxed as you hold the leash, and the leash itself should be short and straight up above the neck or head of your dog. 

If the leash slides down because your dog is pulling forward, don’t pull back as this could harm them. Instead, walk until you're standing side by side with your dog and pull the loop back up your dog’s neck. If your dog has a habit of pulling on their leash, however, don’t use a slip leash on them and consider a chest harness instead. 

Avoid using slip leashes on puppies younger than 18 months old, as their necks haven’t fully developed. You should also avoid using slip leashes on dog breeds that have the same width for their neck and head, like Greyhounds and Irish Wolfhounds, as the slip leash will slide right off of them. 

Owning a slip leash can be beneficial for any dog owner. It’s a convenient leash and collar combination for when you prefer to not use a collar or need to train your dog. If you’re still unsure about getting one for your furbaby, consult with a vet or a training expert before you get a slip leash. 

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