Sacramento Animal Wellness Group RedRover Prepared to Assist with Relief Efforts Following Hurricane Idalia

Sacramento Animal Wellness Group RedRover Prepared to Assist with Relief Efforts Following Hurricane Idalia

RedRover, an animal wellness group based in Sacramento, CA, has told CBS News that it’s presently ready to send emergency services to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia.

Despite having originated in California, the organization has since expanded its operations across the entire United States, and first responders on the ground in Florida are now standing by to provide assistance as soon as a call comes in.

RedRover has done copious work in storm zones and other disaster areas and is thus well-equipped to rescue and support animals in crisis. The organization is especially confident that Florida’s experience with natural hazards like hurricanes can further expedite their work in the state.

The Florida governor has waived all pet policies pertaining to evacuations, allowing people that were forced to leave their homes for safety to bring their pets into hotel rooms. Despite this, however, pets that were left behind during evacuation or ran away from home currently number in the thousands. This state of affairs makes emergency response teams like RedRover invaluable.

Beth Gammie, the team leader currently coordinating RedRover’s response in Florida, is currently located in Tallahassee and awaiting a federal response call.

Disaster Preparedness for Pet Owners: Some Basic Advice

Treating your pet like a member of your family means including them in your household’s disaster response plan. You should develop an evacuation plan for your pet in the event that your family will need to relocate to a hotel or public shelter, many of which are not pet-friendly. Identify safe places to take your pet ahead of a disaster, and ensure that they’re both licensed and microchipped. Custom martingale collars and other dog collars made from durable materials are a must for holding critical identification during a crisis.

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