Rover’s Annual Report Reveals 2023’s Most Popular Dog Breeds

Rover’s Annual Report Reveals 2023’s Most Popular Dog Breeds

Pet sitting app and online community Rover has just received its fifth annual Most Popular Dog Breeds report, which offers a fascinating look into what kinds of furry friends American pet parents are bringing home most frequently.

According to a news item on Southern Living, the report tagged non-designer mixed breeds as the current most popular dog breed in America, making up a whopping 60 percent of dogs registered in Rover’s database. Runner-up breeds include the Labrador Retriever, Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever-poodle mix), Golden Retriever, and German Shepherd.

Rover also surveyed 1000 American pet owners, around 42 percent of whom stated that breed was not particularly important to them when choosing a dog to take home. Eight in ten survey participants, or around 81 percent, asserted that they would still have chosen to get a dog even if they couldn’t get one of their top three breed choices. Overall, family-friendliness emerged as the most important determining factor for selecting a dog.

Compelling Reasons to Adopt a Mixed-Breed Dog

Over and above a dog’s breed, most would-be pet owners will want a dog that integrates well into their family and current lifestyle. And if you’re looking to welcome a new furry-friend into your home, there are plenty of reasons why a mixed breed could be your best possible choice.

For one, mixed-breeds are less vulnerable to breed-specific hereditary diseases and other health problems than purebred dogs. Mixed-breed dogs are also typically less expensive to adopt, and sourcing potential pets from rescue groups or shelters means less business for puppy mills and commercial breeders, which frequently have little regard for animal welfare. Lastly, you’ll be welcoming a furry companion with a unique personality and look—a four-legged family member that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

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