Remember These 5 Tips When Taking Your Dog Along for Thanksgiving

Remember These 5 Tips When Taking Your Dog Along for Thanksgiving

Remember These 5 Tips When Taking Your Dog Along for Thanksgiving

It’s common practice for people to head home to their families for Thanksgiving. Some may even use the opportunity to visit friends and celebrate Friendsgiving together. Since the holidays are a special time you'll want to spend with your loved ones, you’ll likely want to include your dog in the festivities. After all, having a loyal, furry pal is also something to be thankful for!

However, as a visitor, you need to make some preparations to ensure a comfortable visit for everyone involved. If your host has agreed to have your pet over, make sure to gather all the doggie essentials your pet will need and bring them along on your trip. These should include a customizable eco-friendly dog leash that you can use to manage your pup inside your host’s home or while exploring the neighborhood.  

If you want your Thanksgiving celebrations to be fun and safe for everyone, remember these five tips when taking your dog along for the holidays.

Ask Your Host If Your Dog Can Come Along

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving at your family’s home or with a friend, be sure to ask them about bringing your dog along first. Your host may not be prepared to have a pet over in their home. Perhaps they have small children or pets that may not get along well with your dog. There might be space for your dog to comfortably stay in during your visit.

Whatever the reason may be, don’t try to convince your host otherwise. Accept their decision graciously and make other arrangements for your pet. You can look into boarding kennels and pet hotels that can provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pup.

Keep Your Dog Safe During the Trip

Depending on where you’ll be spending Thanksgiving, you may need to take a quick drive across town or spend several hours on the road. Either way, make sure your dog stays safe and secure in your car by buckling them into the back seat with a dog seat belt or keeping them in their crate.

It’s important to secure your pup during transit, as they may try to climb between seats and get on your lap if left unrestrained. Having a loose pet in the car can distract you from your driving and increase your risk of getting into an accident. Additionally, your pet might get thrown around the car if you suddenly need to brake. Keeping your dog restrained while riding in your car reduces the chances of them getting seriously hurt. 

Take Your Pet Out for Walks Before and After the Trip

Before you leave and once you arrive at your destination, take your dog for a walk. The activity will help relax your pet and give them a chance to go potty. They’ll also appreciate a walk around the neighborhood before entering your host’s home, as it gives them a chance to acclimate to their new surroundings. With that, remember to bring some poop bags on your walks so you can quickly clean up after your pet.

Additionally, make sure your dog’s leash and collar are securely attached before taking them out of your car. The leash ensures that your dog remains under your control and doesn’t get lost in an unfamiliar environment. You should also make your dog wear a collar even if their leash is connected to a harness, as a collar with updated ID tags will help finders identify your dog and contact you immediately should your pup get lost.

Pack Your Dog’s Food

Even if you’ll just be staying for dinner, bring along some of your dog’s food. This way, they can enjoy their own feast and keep away from the dinner table. With that, be sure to pack dog travel bowls so your dog can eat and drink from their own dishes. Don’t use your host’s dishes for feeding your pet, as they may find this unhygienic. If you forget to pack your own bowls, use disposable plates and cups instead.

Bring Along Something Familiar To Your Dog

It’s also a good idea to bring a pet toy or blanket that your dog often uses to give them a comforting item while in a new place. Staying in a different house, even for just a few hours, might be stressful for your furry friend. By bringing along something they’re familiar with, your dog can feel more at ease because the item smells of home.

If you’re going over to your friend’s house or visiting family for Thanksgiving, be sure to remember these tips when taking your dog along. Make the necessary arrangements so that the visit stays fun and stress-free for both your host and your pet. With proper preparation, you can enjoy a great Thanksgiving weekend in the company of all those you love. 

Photo by Delphine Beausoleil on Unsplash  

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