Pup’s First Trip to The Groomers: 4 Things You Should Know

Pup’s First Trip to The Groomers: 4 Things You Should Know

If you’re like other busy pet parents, taking your dog to the groomers is a convenient way to keep your pup looking and feeling good. Groomers help keep your pet’s hair tangle-free, thus preventing their coat from becoming matted and causing painful pulling on the skin. Groomers also use the appropriate tools for your dog’s specific coat type when removing excess hair, which encourages healthy hair growth. Additionally, groomers use professional clippers to trim pets’ nails without hurting your pup. Properly-trimmed nails are an important part of your dog’s grooming as your pet may feel some discomfort or have difficulty walking if their nails become too long.

While going to the groomers ensures you fulfill one of the essential responsibilities of a dog owner, your first visit can be a scary experience for your puppy. The unfamiliar people and environment can make your dog nervous. Also, loud noises, being bathed, and the presence of other animals in a pet grooming spa  can cause stress to your dog. If you aren’t prepared for your pup’s first visit to the groomers, it can be very challenging for you and traumatic for your pet. To make the experience more pleasant, here are some things you need to take note of.

Prioritize Your Pet’s Comfort

One effective way you can make the trip to the groomers a positive experience for your dog is by making them feel comfortable. Use customizable martingale collars to secure your pup without putting too much pressure on their throat. The collar features a soft yet durable small loop that tightens around the dog’s neck when tension is applied on the leash. However, the unique design and attached D-rings prevent choking. Martingale collars are best to use if your dog is a greyhound, whippet, or is a breed that has a head smaller than their neck. This design ensures that your pet’s head won’t easily slip out of the collar as they might when wearing regular buckle or choke collars. Also, using a martingale collar won’t get in the way of grooming your pet compared to using a dog harness that covers your dog’s back.

By ensuring your pup doesn’t get choked from their collar, they’re less likely to associate the visit to the groomers with something unpleasant. They will also feel more relaxed while they’re being bathed and brushed.

Make the First Trip Short

Since it’s your dog’s first trip to the grooming spa, you want to make it as quick as possible so they won’t feel overwhelmed with the new experience. So, it’s best to stick to the essential grooming services like bathing, hair brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and light hair trimming.

In addition to opting for basic grooming, be clear with what you want before going to the groomers. If possible, talk to the groomer beforehand and discuss the particular hairstyle or concern you have regarding your pet. For instance, let the groomer know if you prefer a specific length of hair or if certain parts of your dog need special attention such as trimming the hair around the face and on their paws. By being definite with your preferences, you can minimize the time your pup spends at the grooming spa.

Bring Your Pets While They’re Puppies

Introducing pups to the groomers as early as possible is a good idea. It’s easier to acclimate puppies to the process because they’re curious, playful, and don’t have any past scary experiences involving the grooming process. So as soon as your pet has received all their shots, bring them to the groomers.

Apart from getting your pup accustomed to being professionally groomed, make them feel comfortable during the trip to the pet grooming place. If you plan to transport your dog using a crate, train them to spend short periods in their crate. Begin by putting their favorite plush toy, a soft blanket and dog treat bags in the crate to make it cozy. Once they become curious and go in, slowly close the door and leave your pup inside for a minute. Stay nearby where your dog can see you to help them keep calm. Then, gradually increase the time they spend inside the crate until they become used to it. 

Give Your Pet Positive Reinforcements

One way to ensure the visit to the groomers is a pleasant experience for your pup is to shower them with plenty of praise before and after their grooming session. It will help your dog associate the process with something good and enjoyable. To help your pup feel more at ease, offer them tasty dog treats when they get in the car and when they arrive at the pet grooming spa. Although you might think giving treats at each stage of the grooming process seems excessive, it can make your pet look forward to the next trip to the groomers.

Taking your pup to the groomers can be quite challenging, especially if it’s their first time. They can get overwhelmed by the unfamiliar environment. Thankfully, these recommendations can make the first trip more manageable and help ensure that your future visits are pleasant for you and your precious pup. 

Photo by Hayffield L on Unsplash