Why Dogs And Breweries Love Plush Can Toys

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Why Dogs And Breweries Love Plush Can Toys

The PrideBites team has been spending time in breweries!

In fact, PrideBites plush can toys have been spending a lot of time in breweries, and in the mouths of dogs! 

When our marketing and design team got together for a brainstorming session, they realized the shape of plush can toy was something the PrideBites' pack team dogs enjoyed. 

Plush Can Toys Are Ideal For Breweries

The customizable beer can dog toy

1. Have a great mouth feel for the dogs. 

2. They are easy for the dog to carry. 

3. Plush can toys are ideal for dogs of any size. 

4. Plush can toys are bright, colorful and filled with cotton stuffing. 

5. Dogs love squeakers and the plush can toys deliver on the "squeak!" 

Breweries we've been working with include Bells' Brewery, Dale's Pale Ale, Santa Fe Brewing, Leed Dog Brewing, BrewDog, Zilker and others.

These brewery pet merch partners sell the plush can toys in their breweries, have them available for the dogs to play with on-site and sell and give them away at local vendor events. 

Imagine the ways your brewery could use plush can toys:

1. To announce a new brew

2. To announce the opening of a new brewery 

3. To use as giveaways for on-site events (trivia nights, for example) 

4. Offer a "flight of plush can toys" for sale to your brewery customers

5. Have the plush can toys available for customers' dogs to entertain themselves with when they're enjoying your offerings. Make sure you have the branded plush can toys at the register as an "impulse purchase" offering when the customer checks out after having seen how much fun their dog had with the toy! 

6. Provide a supply to your local animal rescue or shelter to sell to raise funds for much-needed items

7. Take a few to the local dog park and give them to the pet parents as a unique way to market your brewery

NOTE: You don't have to be a brewery or specialty beverage company to invest in plush can toys. These toys are uniquely customizable and are designed to represent your company's colors and logo. 

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