pawTree Understands Branded Pet Merch

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pawTree Understands Branded Pet Merch

PrideBites works with pet brands as well as non-pet brands to help them share their pet-loving stories with their customers.  

One of our recent clients was PawTree. We interviewed them after we'd worked with them to design and produce dog toys for their customers.

Brooke, from pawTree said, "We could not have been happier with this toy, and the customer service we received! We're looking forward to working with them on more fun stuff in the future!"

PrideBites Brand Feature: pawTree

Who is pawTree?


pawTree is a "social-selling company devoted to creating and selling natural and holistic nutrition for dogs and cats. We recognize our pets are part of our families and we want them to not just survive but to thrive in life.

To help with that, pawTree developed products (dog and cat food, treats and supplements) that make a profound difference in the lives of pets and their people. Making pets the healthiest they can be is what pawTree strives to do.

We continue to raise the bar of the quality of products developed in the industry. We're a company that refuses to compromise on quality so our customers don't have to.

Our mission is to create a world filled with unconditional love where pets and their people thrive.

Who did you make this toy for and why?

All our products are shipped directly to our customer's homes in our specially designed, award-winning packaging that we call, MY pawBox. This unique package has been a huge hit with our customers, providing them with a special experience each time they open their box. Unlike most "subscription boxes," MY pawBox is exactly what the pet parent knows their pet will enjoy, as opposed to randomly-chosen items. In a MY pawBox, the pet parent gets exactly what they want, when they want it. 

We often see posts on Facebook of dogs waiting for the delivery person to bring their MY pawBox! After the pet parent opens the box, the dog (or cat) would often play with the empty box!

This was the motivation for creating the toy we did with PrideBites. Since pets liked to play with their actual MY pawBox packaging, why not create their very own MY pawBox toy? The rest is history!

Why did you choose PrideBites to be your partner for this unique product?

We had worked with PrideBites (Steven and Sean, the company co-founders) on promotional items in the past. From personalized frisbee toys, blankets, toy boxes, placemats -- and even a customized X-People toy of our CEO!

We found PrideBites products to be very high quality. The images were the perfect likeness of the pet or person's image.

It was SO EASY! A quick call with Sean, a few iterations on the design, a couple of samples later and the MY pawBox toy was born! Truly, that was it!

Sean was super easy to work with and always willing to make the toy just a little bit better!

What could PrideBites have done better to serve you?

There is NOTHING PrideBites could have done better! Truly!

Thank you, Brooke and pawTree for entrusting us with your toy design and for giving more furbabies toys to play with! 


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