Pilots to the Rescue (PTTR) Kicks Off 2024 with 7 Dogs and 42 Cats Rescued

Pilots to the Rescue (PTTR) Kicks Off 2024 with 7 Dogs and 42 Cats Rescued

In 2023, animal rescue organization Pilots to the Rescue (PTTR) helped rescue and rehome over 1003 homeless pets around the US. Its current goal is to triple that number over the next 12 months, representatives told Flying. At present, PTTR’s 2024 efforts seem to be off to a great start, as the organization has rescued a total of 7 dogs and 42 cats over the month of January.

One of PTTR’s most notable rescues of the last month is an indoor calico cat named Story, who was found abandoned in a Virginia home after her original owners moved away and left her behind. A Wise County Humane Society volunteer noticed Story waiting on the house’s doorstep while passing by and brought her to the shelter after making inquiries on her owners around the neighborhood.

On January 14, Wise County Humane Society enlisted the help of PTTR to transport Story and 30 other rescue cats to a partner organization in New England. At present, the cats are safe and awaiting permanent homes.

PTTR opened 2024 by introducing a new, larger aircraft into their fleet. The group aims to leverage these recent transportation upgrades in the interest of completing more missions across greater distances. Its extensive network of trained volunteer pilots works tirelessly to transport thousands of homeless and abandoned animals from shelters to facilities where they can hopefully find new adopters.

What You Need to Know about Transporting Your Pet by Air

These days, it’s more common than ever for pets to travel by air, whether for leisure or by necessity. But while pet air carriers will do everything they can to keep your furry friend safe on their journey, it’s equally important not to scrimp on your own preparations if you intend to travel by air with your pet.

For starters, you’ll definitely want to make sure your pet is microchipped and up-to-date on their vaccinations for their safety and your peace of mind. They’ll also need to wear ID tags containing their licensing information and your contact details, which you can readily clip onto custom dog collars or Martingale collars before you fly.

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