Pet Travel Experts Encourage Owners to Familiarize Themselves with Airport Rules for Pets

Pet Travel Experts Encourage Owners to Familiarize Themselves with Airport Rules for Pets

As pet ownership figures reach all-time highs in the US, the number of doting pet parents wanting to travel by air with their beloved fur babies in tow is likewise skyrocketing. The difficulty with flying with pets, however, is that while airports may have a host of protocols and policies pertaining to pet travel, they may not necessarily post them in places that travelers can access easily.

Airport staff may also not always enforce these policies rigorously at certain facilities, which can lead to further confusion. In light of this, The Washington Post has spoken with pet travel experts from around the country on key airport rules and regulations that pet owners should be familiar with.

The airport rules for pets are in place both to guarantee the safety of traveling pets and to show respect for other people and animals on airport premises. American Kennel Club spokeswoman Brandi H. Munden says that it’s a pet owner’s responsibility to look up airport rules beforehand. While most facilities generally require non-service animals to remain in their carriers at all times, certain airports like Los Angeles International Airports permit owners to have their pets out as long as they’re on-leash.

Airports are also legally obligated to designate specific pet relief areas for passengers’ pets to use before boarding if needed. Most major airports now maintain a few of these stations both outside and within passenger terminals. Blogger Mary-Alice Pomputius emphasizes the importance of cleanliness and courtesy to other passengers when using these stations. To show respect for other travelers, she urges pet owners using pet relief stations to finish their business as quickly as possible and not encourage play. It’s likewise important for pet owners to clean up after their pets after using the station, even if airport staff will also be cleaning it several times a day.

Essentials to Bring When Traveling with Your Pet

To make the most of your aviation adventures with your dog, you’ll want to pack certain essential pet travel items that can help guarantee a smooth and stress-free journey. To start with, custom martingale collars or flat dog collars and leashes are a must for keeping your dog secure and close by your side at all times. A water bottle and a travel-safe container for your dog’s food are also good to have on hand in case you need to take meals and snacks on the go.

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