Pandemic Strengthened Pet Parent Bond With Pets

Pandemic Strengthened Pet Parent Bond With Pets

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, pets and their parents continue to face the challenges of adapting to the new normal. However, a recent study suggests that all the months spent in lockdown may have brought some unexpected benefits for owners and their fur babies.

According to a report cited by Yahoo! Entertainment, "80 percent of the pet parents surveyed said that they spent more time with their fur babies during the pandemic. Additionally, 84 percent of participants noted a stronger emotional bond with their pets because of the extra time spent together."

After experiencing more opportunities for pet and owner bonding during the lockdowns, 90 percent of participants stated a desire to spend as much time as possible with their pets from now on.

To accomplish this, a large percent of all surveyed pet parents intend to take their animal companions with them on vacation. Meanwhile, most survey participants who currently work remotely plan to bring their fur babies with them to the office.

Keeping Pets Safe During These Uncertain Times

With more and more states lifting lockdown restrictions, pet parents must learn to contend with the challenges of post-pandemic life.

For one, people returning to the office must figure out who will look after their pups while they’re at work. Pet parents must remain cautious when taking their pups outdoors for some fresh air, as it’s still recommended to always follow basic social distancing and hygiene guidelines.

Even if pets and their parents spend most of their time indoors, it’s important to watch out for any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, as certain species of animals can contract the virus. Given this, if an owner has become infected with the coronavirus, they must socially distance themselves from their pet even within the home.

On the other hand, should a pet become sick with COVID-19, the owner should immediately contact their vet for assistance. In the meantime, the pet parent can help their sick fur baby rest and recover by providing them with clean and comfortable custom dog beds, personalized puppy blankets, sterile food and water bowls, and their favorite comfort toys.

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