New Dog Airline Bark Air to Take Its Maiden Flight Thursday

New Dog Airline Bark Air to Take Its Maiden Flight Thursday

Air travel has historically been difficult and stressful for dogs, with many canines having to fly in crates wedged under seats on commercial aircraft or in cramped cargo holds. Bark Air, a new airline intended expressly for dogs, aims to change this reality by offering an air travel service that caters to pets rather than human passengers. The airline, only the second in the world to market itself as a service for pets, is set to take its first flight on Thursday, May 23, 2024.

Bark Air is an initiative by Bark, a company founded in 2011 that originally mainly sold food and other pet products. In April, Bark announced that it would be launching a truly dog-first aviation experience—one that CEO and co-founder Matt Meeker argues is vastly different from simply accepting dogs on planes.

Among other perks, Bark Air flights will offer noise-canceling earmuffs, treats, and beverages to its canine passengers, and its planes will feature a “dog-centric” cabin layout that allows pets to socialize with one another while onboard. Meeker tells CBS News that he hopes Bark Air will contribute significantly to furthering the company’s mission and values while improving the lives of both pets and pet parents all over the world.

Bark Air’s maiden flight from New York to Los Angeles is already sold out, according to the company’s booking website. The airline will fly predominantly between these two cities to start with, as well as from New York to London, though Bark leadership confirmed that they were looking forward to adding new routes soon.

Prepping Your Furry Friend for Air Travel

Traveling doesn’t have to be a stressful experience for either you or your pet, as there are many measures you can take to make a trip by air more comfortable. Don’t forget to pack food and water for your dog, and make sure that they have complete identification attached to their collar for their safety. In addition to these essentials, leaving their favorite wholesale dog toys, custom dog blankets, and other familiar items in their crate can provide your dog with plenty of comfort while they’re in transit.

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